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VIDEO: Meghan McCain uses dad’s funeral to bash President Trump, joining the leftist elites in turning Songbird McCain’s funeral into a Trump hatefest

No further evidence is needed of the left’s hatred for the long-awaited patriot and conservative who now occupies the White House. Even McCain’s daughter, Meghan, used her father’s funeral as an opportunity to attack the President of the United States.

No more Rinos, Arizona! Republican insiders in Arizona are saying that John McCain’s wife has been chosen to fill his seat

Arizona Republican voters should be screaming at the tops of their lungs at Governor Ducey to prevent this from happening. The last thing We the People need in the Senate is another McCain. Come on, Arizona, send a patriot to Washington this time!

One last kick in the groin before he leaves this earth. John McCain has invited VP Pence to his funeral but made it clear that President Trump is not invited

Like a persistent people that simply will not go away, vindictive Trump-hater John McCain intends to create as much misery as possible even after he is dead and gone.

Songbird McCain says he wore the orthopedic boot on the wrong foot out of a spirit of equality, because his injured foot was getting all of the attention

This is hilarious! In a Powdered Wig article we published just hours ago, wino LeRoy explained why Songbird McCain was seen wearing his orthopedic walking boot on the wrong foot, the uninjured foot. Excerpt from this morning’s article….

Songbird McCain has a torn right achilles, so he is walking around with a walking boot on his left foot. Senile or sympathy ploy? Take our poll

We called Senator Songbird’s office for an explanation but received no answer. We were, however, able to find a wino, not to be confused with Rino, on a bench near the Capitol, and asked if he knew Senator McCain, and if so, could he please explain the now-infamous walking boot scandal.

Everyone wants to know if McCain knew Hitlery paid for the Trump dossier when he gave it to Comey. He ain’t talking, which means, of course he knew

Last week, McCain denied providing the dossier to BuzzFeed and said that he only gave the material to the FBI. “I gave it to no one except for the director of the FBI. I don’t know why you’re digging this up now.”

If there is anyone who shouldn’t criticize President Trump for pardoning Joe Arpaio, it is John McCain. OK, Songbird, let’s open that wound again

Songbird McCain has been a traitor to America his entire life. Had it not been for Richard Nixon pardoning all POWs, McCain would have been tried for treason, and would likely still be in a federal prison. Link…. The Not-So-Heroic History of Songbird McCain.

Senator Jeff the Flake’s approval rating in Arizona is at 18%. Syphilis is more popular!

Flake is up for reelection in 2018. Surely, the GOP will be ready with a solid primary challenger, given Flake’s unpopularity among his own constituents.

Songbird McCain joins Caitlyn Jenner to b!tch and moan about keeping confused freaks out of the US military

Caitlyn Jenner and Songbird McCain have joined nearly all of Hollywood, objecting to President Trump’s order to keep confused freaks out of America’s armed forces. Jenner has been all atwitter voicing her/his/its opinion. I’m giving traitor McCain a pass due to senility and brain cancer.

BREAKING! John McCain diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, the same that killed Ted Kennedy. Average survival time is 16 months

Senator McCain has been diagnosed with an especially aggressive form of brain cancer, the same that took the life of fellow Senator Ted Kennedy.

Veselnitskaya is chummy with Trump-haters, even marched at Trump protests. So, was she really trying to help Trump campaign? Sure she was!

I hope Jeff Sessions is all over this. I don’t think it would be very difficult to get to the truth. We know who the players are. Now, we just have to find out who sent them, as if it isn’t obvious!

Hopeless assclown Songbird McCain says Barack Hussein was a better leader than President Trump

Songbird McCain is a hopeless moron, a coward, and a traitor! For all you Arizonans out there who voted for this loser, I have a question…. WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!!?

UK gov’t harbored terrorist group linked to Manchester massacre which was supported by Obama, Hillary, and McCain

The photo, above, shows John McCain shaking hands with and presenting a gift to the leader of the terrorist organization in Libya which now linked to the Manchester massacre.

VIDEO: Hypocrite Songbird McCain solicited campaign donations from the Russian government in 2008

This leaked doc from WikiLeaks proves that Songbird himself was begging the Russian government for money just before the 2008 presidential election.

VIDEO: Songbird McCain gets punked by a Russian hacker who calls him and pretends to be the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Very funny!

Funny as hell! I can see Songbird crawling under his desk for safety when the hacker tells him Putin is out to get him.

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