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Seditious civilian scumbag John Kerry has been meeting with Iranian officials behind President Trump’s back, trying to restore Obama’s nuclear deal

John Kerry has been meeting with Iranian officials over the past few months in an attempt to restore the one-sided nuclear non-deal between the world’s #1 state sponsor of terrorism and Barack Hussein, who gifted the Islamic Iranian regime billions of dollars, much of it in cash, to fund even more terrorism.

“Traitor John” Kerry seen with Iranian diplomats in Paris after Iran threatened to name officials who took bribes to pass nuke deal. What’s wrong, John, skeered?

Doing nothing, as you suggest, will kill a great many more Americans than nipping this steaming pile of Barack Hussein in the blossom (the bud stage was long ago). Kim Jong-un was tamed peacefully. I don’t see that happening with these mullahs. They are ideologues, zealots, and will sacrifice millions of lives for Allah.

John Kerry is officially under investigation in the Trump dossier probe

Devin Nunes and his team of investigators want to know what John Kerry knew about the Trump dossier, when he knew it, and what his role was in acquiring and disseminating the salacious 35-page lie that the FBI presented to a FISA judge as evidence.

UPDATE: The Trump administration has frozen Obama’s secret massive monetary gift to the Palestinian Authority

Anti-Semite Barack Hussein released the last minute gift to the Palestinian Authority as an apparent kick in the teeth to Benjamin Netanyahu and the people of Israel.

Israeli “settler” living on land John Kerry says is occupied Palestinian terrority refers to Kerry’s anti-Semitic speech as “historical ignorance”

Kerry’s speech that Israel can either be Jewish or Democratic, but it cannot be both, is the first time I had heard that Judaism and democracy were mutually exclusive. Who knew?

VIDEO: Benjamin Netanyahu fires back at John Kerry for his anti-Semitic speech

“We have it on absolutely incontestable evidence that the United States organized, advanced, and brought this resolution to the United Nations Security Council,” declared Netanyahu.

VIDEO: Secretary of State Frankenkerry declares that “Israel can either be Jewish or democratic, it cannot be both”

To the very last day the arrogance of the Barack Hussein administration will ooze like pus from a horrible sore that seems like it will never heal.

Barack Hussein has one last slap to the face of Israel and Netanyahu. Many believe it is the official US recognition of an independent state of Palestine

The global political grapevine is abuzz with speculation, anticipating one final Barack Hussein slap to the face of Netanyahu and Israel, and wondering what form it will take.

Kerry’s daughter’s nonprofit failed big time, but daddy’s State Department paid her anyway

A nonprofit created and led by Secretary of State John Kerry’s daughter failed to deliver on promises made in government contracts, but was still awarded millions of taxpayers dollars

Recent Iranian defector and former top aide to President Rouhani suggests John Kerry is an agent of Iran with deep personal ties to Iranian leadership

By Kenneth R. Timmerman, Front Page MagIf any further evidence was needed to show that the nuclear talks with Iran were a tragic farce, choreographed and orchestrated by Iran, the startling revelations from a former top aide to Iranian President […]

Top Tajikistan Special Ops commander defects to ISIS, claims participation in assassination attempt on John Kerry, reported as bike accident

By Thomas Madison Two breaking stories in one. 1. US-trained Tajik Special Ops commander, Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, has defected to ISIS. 2. Khalimov participated in an assassination attempt on John Kerry on May 31, 2015 that has been reported as a […]

Count your fingers after you shake hands with an Iranian

By Thomas Madison Our crack negotiating team, led by Jane Fonda Kerry, is crowing about the historic “framework” agreement he has tentatively made with Iran, which has the Iranians dancing in the streets. Among the more curious details of Kerry’s […]

Tough negotiator Barrack Hussein agrees to drop sanctions on Iran in return for Iran going full steam ahead on nuke program. Wait a minute!

By Thomas Madison Beltway buzzword of the the week: Framework. If there were a Nobel Peace Prize for insanity, Barrack Hussein would surely be a nominee. He has built a “framework” of capitulation that would make Neville Chamberlain swoon. Ever […]

Seriously! Lurch declares that we have a duty to take care of the planet for the sake of Muslims

By Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society At a ceremony announcing some guy named Shriek as special representative to Muslim communities, Secretary of State Lurch took the opportunity to plug the Obama administration’s global warming initiative, and to emphasize to the […]

Lurch promises $47 million to Gaza, which means Hamas. Aiding and abetting the enemy of an ally may not be treasonous, but it is certainly immoral. John Kerry is no stranger to treason….

  UPDATE: From Robert Morrissey – ” Article III, Section 3. “…adhering to their(the States) Enemies…”. Brigitte Gabriel emailed me this on July 21 (3 days ago): “HAMAS is a US State Department officially-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization. According to the Palestinian […]

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