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GOP uproar over Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria

A few Republicans did back Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of the country. Senator Rand Paul, a libertarian who believes in global isolationism, said he was “happy to see a president who can declare victory and bring our troops out of a war. It’s been a long time since that has happened.”

100 ISIS terrorists have been captured in Guatemala as another caravan of 4,000 Central Americans heads to the US

In a stunning declaration last week at a conference in Guatemala attended by US Vice-President Mike Pence, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales announced the capture of 100 ISIS terrorists in Guatemala, a well-known paradise for human smugglers.

Seargent Major of the Army has a message for ISIS: “Surrender or die by bombing, being shot in the face or beaten to death by our entrenching tools”

There is surrender, in which case the cockroaches will be treated with the dignity that all US prisoners of war enjoy. Or, there is death, “by dropping bombs on them, shooting them in the face, or beating them to death with our entrenching tools.” OUCH!

BOMBSHELL! Leaked FBI report: Antifa met with ISIS and al-Qaeda in Germany in July to plot the destruction of President Trump

As the Trump administration has demonstrated it’s serious about destroying the Islamic State, and depriving ISIS of territory in Iraq and Syria, the alliance between the American radicals and ISIS has grown even closer. The Internet chatter between the Americans and the Islamists is astronomical.

“THEY’RE OK TO RAPE.” Yazidi sex slaves tell how sick ISIS predators gang-raped them repeatedly “to make them Muslim”

She said that Islamic State members would touch the chests of captured girls to see whether they had grown breasts. If they had breasts, they could be raped, if not, they would wait three months to check again. “The men used to rape up to seven girls in one room, so everybody could see what was going on; the screaming was up to the skies.”

VIDEO: ISIS in Iraq has surrendered. After weeks of non-stop bombardment by the US, over 1,000 shell-shocked ISIS fighters just surrendered to Kurdish forces

Barack Hussein created ISIS. He pulled American troops out of Iraq when they were needed desperately to keep the region stable until the Iraqis could defend themselves. They couldn’t and ISIS beheaded its way to control of vast regions of the country, murdering innocent Iraqis in gruesome public displays.

Peas in a pod. ISIS and liberal weenie Democrats are begging Irma to “destroy America” and Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

While ISIS is praying to Allah for Trump’s and America’s destruction, liberal weenie Democrats are praying to no one in particular, as they worship no one but themselves.

Hundreds of ISIS fighters are stranded on buses in the Syrian desert as US forces pick them off one at a time when they leave the bus to take a leak

In characteristically cowardly fashion, a few hundred ISIS fighters who surrendered to Syrian forces nearly two weeks ago surrounded themselves with women and children and boarded eleven buses to make an escape through the desert to ISIS-controlled Deir Ezzor.

More love and tolerance from the religion of peace. ISIS just caged 8 civilians, including an infant, covered them in tar, and burned them to death

The source explained that the victims were then caged and tar was poured on them before setting them on fire, IraqiNews reported. 

Secretary of Defense James Mattis flew all the way to Iraq to personally tell ISIS the good news that they are about to receive their 72 virgins

James Mattis was in Iraq on Tuesday just to deliver a message to ISIS…. This is your “last stand.” You are done! In an unannounced trip to a country that has seen horrific war and terrorism over the last decade, Secretary of Defense General James Mattis was making a statement.

Meet the new face of ISIS, a ten-year-old American boy living among the terrorists

He looks straight at the camera lens to deliver an anti-Donald Trump diatribe, speaking in what sounds like Americanized English. He is shown living among the residences and destruction of Raqqa, the central Syrian city that ISIL claimed as the capital of its Muslim caliphate.

Note to ISIS: Always check overhead for drone activity BEFORE filming a Muslim propaganda video in the open

I’m just guessing, but I don’t think this film is going to bring in many ISIS recruits.

VIDEO: Syrian women burn their burkas and men shave off their beards in newly-liberated Raqqa

The celebration and relief were marred with sadness as people remembered those that they had lost during ISIL’s occupation.

VIDEO: Payback is a b!tch. Iraqi soldiers recapturing Mosul are not exactly gentle with ISIS scumballs they capture. Warning – graphic!

Iraqi soldiers, many of whom have seen relatives beaten, tortured, raped, drowned, burnt to death, even beheaded in the cruelest and most grotesque public spectacles, are seeking revenge.

US shoots down Syrian warplane in Syria as Iran now enters the fight, attacking ISIS

For the first time in the war against ISIS in Syria, the US has attacked Syrian government forces with the downing of a Syrian fighter jet by a US fighter jet.

400 specially-trained ISIS fighters are awaiting orders to carry out terror attacks in waves across Europe

Waves of multiple, coordinated terror attacks could be carried out across Europe beginning at any time by an army of specially-trained suicide jihadis believed to already be in Europe and awaiting orders.

A growing army of ISIS terrorists is being staged in Europe’s Muslim-majority Bosnia and European leaders are ignoring it

A staging area where Muslim terrorists are openly invited is thriving in Bosnia. ISIS has prepped 400 fighters to carry out terror attacks across the continent.

ISIS leader al-Baghdadi dead….AGAIN!

Syrian State TV, which is reporting via AMN News that al-Baghdadi was allegedly killed by an airstrike in Raqqa City this morning.

New ISIS “how-to” guide teaches wannabe jihadis how to lure and slaughter innocent people

If you are a fan of auction sites and second-hand classified sites like Ebay and Craigslist, please read this. It is a how-to murder guide published by ISIS in their propaganda magazine.

Confirmed! The leader of ISIS in Afghanistan has been killed in a US-led operation

Abdul Hasib, who looks an awful lot like Curly Howard with a beard, was killed in an operation on April 27 conducted jointly by Afghan and U.S. Special Forces in the eastern province of Nangarhar.

Who knew Karma was a pig? Wild boars attack ISIS terrorists in Iraq, killing three

If there is one thing that will make any self-respecting jihadi break out in a cold sweat in the middle of the night and cry like a baby it is the nightmare of being eaten alive by a pig.

Wow! The ISIS death toll in the MOAB bombing is still climbing, nearly three times the original count

The cockroach death toll in the ISIS Afghanistan MOAB bombing is at nearly 100 and climbing as workers continue to find bodies while sorting through the rubble and wreckage.

VIDEO: LOL! Pocahontas is confused about President Trump’s strategy against ISIS

Elizabeth Warren, whose Indian name is “Stupid B!tch,” is complaining that she doesn’t understand President Trump’s strategy in dropping the Mother Of All Bombs on ISIS in Afghanistan, killing 36 jihadis in the process.

VIDEO: President Trump introduces ISIS to MOAB!

MOAB is the largest, most powerful conventional bomb in the history of warfare, and is an acronym for Massive Ordnance Air Blast. Using the same acronym, its handlers affectionately call it the Mother Of All Bombs.

VIDEO: Marine goes off on President Trump’s crazy decision to bomb Assad

Why are you bombing Assad, Mr. President? We are supposed to be destroying ISIS, not bombing the crap out of an ally who is also fighting ISIS. Why not just hand ISIS the keys to Assad’s palace.

ISIS message to America: You are “drowning and being run by an idiot.”

ISIS has finally spoken out about our new president in a message to America, in which they claim that we are “drowning and being run by an idiot.”

VIDEO: War crime! Saudi Arabia offered to send troops into Syria to help the US defeat ISIS. Obama would not allow the Saudis to help, apparently wanting ISIS to thrive

“The Saudi government offered in the Obama administration’s time to send its troops into Syria to fight ISIS. That was not met with enthusiasm by the Obama administration.”

VIDEO: BOOM! ISIS jihadis on a hilltop meet Allah. 72 virgins coming up!

Watch as these jihadis, in search of companionship, meet Allah instead. Jihadi #1, on the right, never knows what hit him. Jihadi #2, on the left, heads for the hills as fast as he can but doesn’t have a chance.

This is how easy it is, Barack! Trump’s first month in office and already ISIS leader is admitting defeat, issuing a “farewell speech” to his goat humpers

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has admitted defeat in Iraq and ordered militants to either flee or kill themselves in suicide attacks, it has been claimed.

Amazing video of Berkeley students supporting a guy waving an ISIS flag, but then going crazy when the same guy waves the Israeli flag

Speaking of Cal, Berkeley, the philosophical and academic center of the liberal world, and and the disgusting brain-dead products its faculty and administration are putting on the street, watch as Ami Horowitz waves the ISIS flag on campus while shouting […]

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