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VIDEO: ISIS in Iraq has surrendered. After weeks of non-stop bombardment by the US, over 1,000 shell-shocked ISIS fighters just surrendered to Kurdish forces

Barack Hussein created ISIS. He pulled American troops out of Iraq when they were needed desperately to keep the region stable until the Iraqis could defend themselves. They couldn’t and ISIS beheaded its way to control of vast regions of the country, murdering innocent Iraqis in gruesome public displays.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis flew all the way to Iraq to personally tell ISIS the good news that they are about to receive their 72 virgins

James Mattis was in Iraq on Tuesday just to deliver a message to ISIS…. This is your “last stand.” You are done! In an unannounced trip to a country that has seen horrific war and terrorism over the last decade, Secretary of Defense General James Mattis was making a statement.

VIDEO: Payback is a b!tch. Iraqi soldiers recapturing Mosul are not exactly gentle with ISIS scumballs they capture. Warning – graphic!

Iraqi soldiers, many of whom have seen relatives beaten, tortured, raped, drowned, burnt to death, even beheaded in the cruelest and most grotesque public spectacles, are seeking revenge.

VIDEO: UFC elite fighters visit troops in Iraq. Come home with new respect. “I tapped, I did. It was some bear of a man. I’m glad he is on our side”

“So did you tap?” he was asked. “I tapped, I did,” Alvey admitted. “It was some bear of a man. I’m glad he is on our side.”

Who knew Karma was a pig? Wild boars attack ISIS terrorists in Iraq, killing three

If there is one thing that will make any self-respecting jihadi break out in a cold sweat in the middle of the night and cry like a baby it is the nightmare of being eaten alive by a pig.

Returning home for the first time in over two years, Iraqi Christians celebrate Christmas Mass with US soldiers in newly-liberated Bartella

This is a very special Christmas season, the civilized world breathing a sigh of relief at the change of leadership in Washington.

ISIS is dying and taking as many innocent souls with them as possible, in the most gruesome ways

ISIS appears to be on its last legs, and is wasting no time executing anyone and everyone they suspect of the slightest transgression. They even burned to death a two-year old girl.

Global imperialist and world-class stupid bitch Hitlery Clinton vows to take down Assad and Syria if elected, as if Iraq and Libya weren’t lesson enough?

So, the imperialist anti-imperialism candidate is promoting imperialism to remedy the world of what ails it, imperialism. And the crowd went wild!

This just in from the religion of peace…. 19 Yazidi women burned to death in a cage for refusing to sleep with ISIS apes

Nineteen Yazidi women were brutally executed last weekend in Mosul, Iraq, after refusing to have sex with their husbands – all members of ISIS.

ISIS savages invent new method of torture/murder, tying up and dunking 25 people in a large vat of nitric acid until their organs dissolve

ISIS, representing the religion of peace, has discovered a new method of torture, mass murder, and intimidation

I am sooooo tired of the “Bush lied!” “Saddam had no WMD!” bullsh!t still being spewed by liberal crybabies. Watch this video, liberal weenies!

By Thomas Madison I have been fighting this battle for many years. I continue to come across liberal weenie whiners who moan, “Bush was a liar!” “Saddam didn’t have any WMD!” This stupid argument is typically in response to being […]

VIDEO: Barack Hussein declares that “we have contained” ISIS, just minutes before ISIS committed the worst attack on France since WWII

By Thomas Madison At the 1:10 mark in the video, below, Barack Hussein tells George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America, concerning the unquestioned growth of ISIS, who he refers to as ISIL ( hurling a condescending invective at Israel), that “we […]

Barack Hussein: “There will be no combat in Iraq!” Pentagon: “We’re in combat!” Barack Hussein lying. Imagine that!

From Jonah Bennett, The Daily Caller President Barack Obama has insisted that the U.S. military will not head back to combat in Iraq, but the Pentagon just reluctantly admitted that American troops are definitely in combat. While the mission was […]

The Russian Air Force has punted ISIS back to the Stone Age, destroying half of its fighting force. “ISIS so weakened it could be destroyed in hours”

By Thomas Madison Good on Vladimir Putin! The world needs a leader with a set of cojones. Doing what used to be expected of the United States, Putin and the Russian Air Force have stormed into Syria, and in just […]

50 spies charge that their intel reports were cooked to make it appear the US is winning the war against ISIS, which in reality we are losing

From The Daily Beast It’s being called a ‘revolt’ by intelligence pros who are paid to give their honest assessment of the ISIS war—but are instead seeing their reports turned into happy talk. More than 50 intelligence analysts working out […]

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