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Elizabeth Warren, whose Indian name is Lying Ass Squaw, ignited a twitterfire when she slammed President Trump for his global warming joke

President Trump is at it again, using his favorite social media platform to trigger liberal weenies, sending them into convulsive seizures. I’m convinced that he does it for fun. I can see him sitting on a gold plated toilet in the White House cracking up over liberal weenie, foaming-at-the-mouth tweets on his phone

Record low temp dumps cold water on Al Gore and his global warming hoax

The ice caps are growing and polar bears are flourishing. Now Greenland has recorded its lowest July temperature in history, -27°F.

Al Gore enlists God in his global warming crusade: “If you are a believer, as I am, I think God intends for us to open our eyes and take responsibility”

Invoking the almighty, Gore is imploring anyone who will listen (a dwindling list) to follow him and Him in their fight to save our planet from and for mankind.

VIDEO: I love this guy! Watch as CA congressman makes a fool of Barack Hussein’s Chief Climate Adviser

Looking down her superior nose, Ms. Smug With The Caveman Haircut (hereinafter referred to as MSWTCH) replied, “I’m not familiar with that specific report….”

VIDEO: Classic! Tucker Carlson blows up another liberal weenie who can’t answer a simple question

Carlson declares, “We are no longer obviously talking about science here. What you’re watching is a priesthood defending its faith,” for which Levine is a clueless altar boy.

Another promise kept. President Trump is pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accord. Adios, fake science and Barack Hussein legacy

President Trump is expected to pull out the U.S. from the Paris climate accord. Somewhere Al Gore and Barack Hussein are crying like babies.

“The war on coal is over!” declares President Trump as he begins dismantling Barack Hussein’s anti-American climate agenda

President Trump on Tuesday signed a far-reaching executive order that dismantles many of the pillars of his predecessor’s climate-change agenda.

VIDEO: The Donald vows to cancel the Paris Climate Agreement, which gave the UN the power to restrict America’s energy usage

Call it the Trump Climate Unagreement. Donald Trump is vowing to cancel the Paris Climate Agreement, agreed to last December by Barack Hussein, giving big money to the United Nations along with the authority to tell We the People of […]

Hey, Al Gore, the Swedes are freezing their patooties off, recording a temperature of 34.8 degrees below zero, you miserable fraud!

By Thomas Madison Quick, someone contact Al Gore! The Swedes are in desperate need of a good shot of global warming. In northern Sweden, a record cold temperature reading was recorded of negative 34.8 degrees Celsius, which is 30 degrees […]

Pope Francis and the global warming hoax! From Rod Eccles: Why I trust God OVER any scientist when it comes to man made climate change

By Rod Eccles This past week we had a historic event take place with the Roman Catholic Pope’s visit to the United States.  He visited the President at the White House and he gave a speech.  He visited a historical […]

While ISIS slaughters thousands across the Middle East, taking city after city, Barrack Hussein concentrates on the horror of global warming

Photo, above: The ancient Roman city of Palmyra, Syria has fallen to ISIS. H/T The Gateway Pundit "The only way the world is going to prevent the effects of climate change is to slow down the warming of the planet." […]

VIDEO: Hey, Al Gore, you poor excuse for a corrupt scumbag, how is that global warming working out for you? Record cold world-wide

By Thomas Madison There was snow on the ground in 49 of the 50 United States to start the month of March, including Hawaii, where there was a LOT of snow on Mauna Kea….

Great Lakes “likely to have the most ice since records began,” says meteorologist. Al Gore was unavailable for comment

From Robert, Ice Age Now  “Great Lakes ice is now running ahead of last year and ice will increase with more brutal cold coming,” says meteorologist Joe d’Aleo. “We are likely to have the most ice since records began.” “By […]

Hey, Al Gore, how is that global warming working out for you? US in record deep freeze!

Record-breaking cold closes U.S. schools. Ski slopes close due to Arctic conditions. 17 degrees in Mobile, Alabama! Zoo penguins can’t hack the cold, beg to come inside.   (Reuters) – Record-breaking cold that gripped the U.S. East and Midwest on […]

Al Gore is going to HATE this! Top meteorologist: The debate about global warming is over!

from Michael Hausam, IJ Review John Coleman, meteorologist and co-founder of the Weather Channel, wrote a letter to the Hammer Forum – which held a climate change symposium Thursday night in Los Angeles – outlining his position on the topic of […]

Seriously! Lurch declares that we have a duty to take care of the planet for the sake of Muslims

By Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society At a ceremony announcing some guy named Shriek as special representative to Muslim communities, Secretary of State Lurch took the opportunity to plug the Obama administration’s global warming initiative, and to emphasize to the […]

Hey, Al Gore, are you paying attention to the weather, or are you too busy searching for new ways to screw people?….

by Eric Worrall, Antarctica continues to defy the global warming script, with a report from Meteo France, that June this year was the coldest Antarctic June ever recorded, at the French Antarctic Dumont d’Urville Station. According to the press […]

The architect of King Hussein's global warming plan is in prison for felony fraud. Business as usual for the king and his mob….

by Phil Kerpen, Town Hall  When President Obama announced an unprecedented effort by the EPA to strong-arm states into adopting cap-and-trade, he made the announcement not by focusing on the benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but rather on the […]

Hey, Al Gore, check this out, you worthless parasite!….

Satellites show no global warming for 17 years 5 months By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The monthly satellite lower-troposphere temperature anomaly from Remote Sensing Systems, Inc., is now available. Taking the least-squares linear-regression trend on this dataset (the bright blue horizontal […]

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