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Just before announcing that she would defy President Trump, Oregon gov. Kate Brown received a large donation from George Soros. Imagine that!

Just before announcing that she would refuse President Trump’s order to mobilize the National Guard, Oregon governor Kate Brown received a fat pile of money ($25,000) for liberal weenie sugar daddy George Soros.

BOMBSHELL! Operative involved in the Trump dossier testified before Congress that Fusion GPS was being funded by George Soros and Silicon Valley billionaires

This is a bombshell! Congressional investigators have discovered that Fusion GPS was being funded by a “group of Silicon Valley billionaires and George Soros.” The burning question is why aren’t these people behind bars? This is clearly seditious conspiracy.

Guess who is funding the group now trying to remove President Trump from office on charges of sexual misconduct. No attempt to even hide it

Is it any surprise to discover that the money behind the latest effort to remove President Trump for completely baseless allegations of sexual misconduct is coming from organizations founded and funded by George Soros? No, it is no surprise at all.

Sign the petition to declare George Soros and his many criminal front organizations as terrorist organizations

Soros is a criminal. He should have been charged with sedition long ago. Before there is any peace in this country, the assets of George Soros must be frozen. There are 73,000 signatures so far, with 27,000 more needed to receive a response from the White House. Please sign the petition here….

BOMBSHELL! Israeli intelligence has intercepted emails between Trump Adviser HR McMaster and George Soros, briefing all White House activities

“I have confirmed from sources from inside the White House, the Israeli government and Israeli intelligence that the Israelis have intercepted email communications from General McMaster to George Soros, informing him of everything that’s going on inside the White House,.”

SMOKING GUN! Secret memo from David Brock (Soros-funded Media Matters) implicates Google and facebook in takedown of Trump and right wing blogosphere

We in the right wing blogosphere talk among ourselves, and while we are certain that we have been the targets of liberal weenie Silicon Valley giants Google and fascistbook facebook over the past several months, we have been unable to able to prove it. Now we have a smoking gun, hard evidence, if not proof.

More Obama scum! Barack Hussein was funding leftist revolutions overseas with your tax dollars

Congress has recently been informed by foreign officials from multiple countries that Hussein has been funding leftist revolutionaries overseas with American tax dollars.

VIDEO: Finally! Congress is investigating George Soros

Better late than never! George Soros has been getting away with causing a great deal of misery in the world for decades. It is well past time he was investigated for it, which is exactly what House Republicans are doing.

Soros is funding the Women’s March, which is a leftist anti-Trump demonstration. Arrest this scumbag for sedition, Mr. President!

Planned Parenthood, a premier partner of the Women’s March, accepted in part through its affiliates $21 million from Soros-funded organizations.

We in the right wing blogosphere are under attack from the left, which is trying to silence us. You can help us continue our support for President Trump. Here is how….

All of us in the right wing blogosphere whose support was instrumental in the election of President Trump are under attack by the leftists and their puppet master financial backers.

VIDEO: Donald Trump will fight for his presidential life until he orders the arrests of Barack Hussein and George Soros for sedition

The two major sources of the chaos are Barack Hussein and George Soros, both easily indictable for sedition. If President Trump wants his presidency to survive he must arrest them both.

Barack Hussein is leading an army of 30,000 protesters to fight President Trump for the next four to eight years. Arrest the skunk for sedition!

There is more than ample evidence to arrest Hussein and Soros both. Do it, Donald! Cage the scumbags!

Oops! George Soros bet on the market tanking with Trump’s election, losing a billion dollars in the past month

Geroge Soros bet big on the market tanking should Trump win the election. He lost his ass, a billion dollars, according to The Wall Street Journal via Business Insider.

VIDEO; BOOM! Russia and the US joining forces to rid the world of evil. First target in the crosshairs…. George Soros!

George Soros has been responsible for untold misery around the globe, including the American people. It’s what gets him off. Like all liberals, nothing matters more than his own personal gratification.

Satan, I mean the Democrat Party, is not finished trying to overturn Trump’s election. 14 reasons to stay vigilant. We may need to march on Washington

The bottom line is it ain’t over yet. Stay informed, stay vigilant, be ready to march, and pray for President-elect Trump’s safety.

Soros-funded ‘scumbags wanted’ ad promises $35 an hour to any slimeball who will publicly protest Trump. Also, a protest scheduled against Soros

I hope President Trump’s first order of business is to arrest George Soros for inciting violence and terrorism. That evil bastard must be dealt with. He is responsible for so much misery.

Very, very important! Sign this petition to keep Soros’ voting machines out of our elections

Please take just a few seconds to petition Congress to keep George Soros’ voting machines out of our elections.

70% of arrests made in Charlotte BLM chaos had out-of-state IDs. I am not sure who was behind them, but I have a guess

These are outside entities that are coming in and causing these problems. These are not protestors, these are criminals.”

Who do you think funded the Albuquerque Trump protesters who rioted and injured several police officers? Go ahead, guess?

The nefarious character(s) behind the routine chaos caused by protesters at Trump rallies is no longer a secret. In fact, the protesters openly boast about it, advertising their organizations on their socialist/anti-capitalist/anti-American protest signs. Anti-capitalist organizations Red Nation and Party […]

Well, well, guess who trained and employed the lead hosebag in the Arizona Trump rally protest/roadblock? ever hear of George Soros?

By Thomas Madison Meet Jacinta Gonzalez, the brain dead socialist bitch who gets the bright idea that it would be really cool to stop an American citizen from practicing his right to free speech, and while he is at it, making America […]

Soros is dumping many millions into net neutrality, allowing the gov another way to steal your money and your liberty

By Thomas Madison While leftists claim the mantle of freedom and tolerance, they are working as hard as they can to steal more of your liberty, in an effort to control your behavior (because God knows you can’t do it), […]

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