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Remember Marilyn Mosby, the Baltimore prosecutor who thoughtlessly charged Baltimore cops with murder? She is in a heap of legal trouble over it

The charges include defamation and invasion of privacy. Attorneys for the officers are now adding malicious prosecution, false arrest, and false imprisonment

Baltimore resident: “I’m afraid.” Residents hide indoors as violence, gunplay, murder mushroom, police backing off for fear of being arrested

By Jason Howerton, The Blaze BALTIMORE (TheBlaze/AP) — A 31-year-old woman and a young boy were shot in the head Thursday, becoming Baltimore’s 37th and 38th homicide victims so far this month, the city’s deadliest in 15 years. Meanwhile, arrests […]

What happens when you punish cops for doing their jobs? Arrests nosedive as murders skyrocket in Baltimore, where imbeciles are in charge

By Justin Miller and Katie Zavadski, The Daily Beast Murders in one part of town are up 200 percent, shootings 800 percent, but police are locking up fewer people. Baltimore logged its 100th murder of the year on Thursday morning, […]

Barrack Hussein sent 3 officials to criminal Freddie Gray’s funeral. How many did he send to NYPD officer Brian Moore’s funeral? Zero!

From Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit Priorities. Obama sent three White House officials to criminal Freddie Gray’s funeral. How many should we expect for decorated Officer Moore’s, murdered by a criminal? CNN reported: The White House sent Cabinet Secretary Broderick […]

Al Sharpton organizing march on Washington, demanding our honest and impartial (LOL!) DOJ “take over” ALL of America’s police departments

Little Al Sharpton demanded the US Department of Justice “take over policing in this country” adding, “we’re going to have to fight states’ rights.” He is also organizing a march on Washington demanding federal takeover of all policing in the […]

Six Baltimore cops charged in Freddie Gray death, with multiple counts from murder to misconduct

From Alan Blinder and Richard Perez-Pena, The New York Times BALTIMORE — Baltimore’s chief prosecutor charged six police officers on Friday with crimes including murder and manslaughter in the arrest and fatal injury of Freddie Gray, a striking and surprisingly swift […]

VIDEO: A word on the racentric hysterics regarding our burgeoning new world police state

By Thomas Madison If we allow the race baiters, i.e., Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Obama, to dominate the narrative on race in America then we are doomed. Those individuals or racists themselves, hardly credible in a discussion on race. The video, […]

The inmates are now officially running the asylum! Baltimore mayor: Space was provided to those who “wished to destroy”

By Thomas Madison Let me get this straight. The mayor of a major American city made an official announcement, complete with an attending entourage that resembled, perhaps not so surprisingly, a New Black Panther posse, actually proclaiming that she gave […]

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