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Finally! An investigation by a media research organization confirms massive scope of tech giants’ effort to censor conservative speech

Someone (Media Research Center) has finally dug into the First Amendment abuse by the tech giants and discovered that not only is the rumor of the tech giants censoring conservative speech confirmed, but it is an even more massive and militant effort than previously thought.

In one month, President Trump’s Facebook engagement dropped by 45%. Facebook manipulation? To believe otherwise is naive

The left, which includes the majority of those who live and work in Silicon Valley, believe the only possible answer to prevent another patriot from reaching the Oval Office is to intentionally prevent the patriot’s “message” from reaching the people, which is, of course, a gross violation of the Constitution, but since when did that matter to liberals?

VIDEO: More love and tolerance from the left as liberal weenies attempt to deny First Amendment rights to a group of college Republicans

Liberal weenies love the First Amendment, but only as it applies to themselves, believing that everyone else enjoys no constitutional rights whatsoever. Case in point, this recent meeting of college Republicans in Cesspoolifornia.

NJ high school in hot water for photoshopping Trump references out of its yearbook, violating students’ 1st Amendment rights

A Donald Trump logo also was missing from junior Wyatt Dobrovich-Fago’s vest. And a quote by Trump was removed from his sister Montana’s freshman class president photo.

More states are proposing legislation making it legal to run over protesters blocking a public roadway

Last time I checked, forcing your will upon someone else is illegal. You know, like rape, not that you need to worry about that.

Fake News update: Facebook plans to punish publishers of fake news, which is all news liberals don’t want you to hear

Facebook has enlisted in the fight against news liberals don’t want you to hear, or fake news, promising to punish any publisher who posts news liberals don’t want you to hear, aka fake news.

Satire, and very funny! Barack Hussein signs executive order making criticism of executive orders illegal. The press is silent on the matter

By Thomas Madison Preface: This is satire, folks, as in A JOKE! Please, no nasty letters telling me that this is a lie, Barack Hussein never signed any such thing. From Stubhill News In a sweeping move, President Obama has […]

Believe it or not! House Democrats sponsor a bill to make “hateful rhetoric” towards Muslims illegal. So long, First Amendment!

By Thomas Madison As if their isn’t enough lunacy inside the beltway, check out this unconstitutional stool sample proposed by the assclowns on the left side of the congressional aisle (House). They are calling this violation of our Constitution H.Res.569 – […]

Violators of fascistbook “community standards” are subject to the death penalty. However, fascistbook violating your First Amendment rights is fine!

By Thomas Madison Radio talk show host, Michael Savage, has fallen victim to the Nazis at fascistbook. Why? For violating fascistbook’s “community standards” when he posted the photo, below, to his facebook page. Apparently, public demonstrations which advocate the brutal […]

Guest contributor, Rod Eccles, on freedom of speech: If you say something then you may see something happen

By Rod Eccles Today is Veterans Day, 2015 and I thank all those who have served and who are still serving in our nation’s Military and Coast Guard.  There is no greater calling than to be willing to put your […]

Organizer of Phoenix “Draw Muhammed” contest going into hiding after death threats from members of the religion of peace

By Thomas Madison Kudos to Jon Ritzheimer for organizing Friday’s Draw Muhammed contest in Phoenix, attended by over 500 people, many of them armed patriots. Amazingly, it ended peacefully. According to reporters and video footage of the event it could easily […]

Happening today: Armed bikers assembling at Phoenix mosque for anti-Islam protest, in support of Pam Geller and First Amendment

From Bare Naked Islam On Friday, May 29, 2015, a group of bikers in Arizona plan to host an anti-Islam demonstration outside of the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix. Dubbed as “Freedom of Speech Rally Round 2,” a reference to American […]

Iran hates America, but loves our First Amendment, holding an ISIS cartoon contest, with over 1,000 images. Here are 9 of them

By Jenny Stanton, MailOnline Pens and pencils were the weapons of choice for artists taking part in an anti-Islamic State cartoon and caricature competition held in Iran. More than 1,000 images were submitted to Iran’s House of Cartoon competition and […]

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