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“F them racist a** cops!!! Kill them ALL.” BLM goon heading to court for terroristic threatening. And he claims that white cops are the racists

“F them racist a** cops!!! Kill them ALL. Black Lives Matter. Black people should start killing all white cops just like they are killing us!!! Then and only then will this s*** stop.”

Mexican Ford plant now looks like a ‘cemetery’ as Ford abandons its plans and moves back to the US to avoid Trump’s tariffs

While I sympathize with the unfortunate position this has put Mexico in, I will by no means be crying a river, and the following photos are why….

As expected, the vote recount is turning up many cases of Democrat election fraud. Worse yet, the fraudulent votes are being counted anyway

To make matters worse, those fraudulently counted ballots will stand in the recount. That’s right, they are counting votes for Hitlery that are proven fraudulent.

Awesome video! Donald Trump went to Detroit Saturday to worship with and speak to the congregation at Great Faith Ministries Church

“I am so deeply grateful to be here today, and it is my prayer…. that the America of tomorrow will be one of unity, togetherness, and peace…. and prosperity.”

VIDEO: Every liberal should watch this. Detroit is a microcosm of liberal policies at work. Run by Dems since 1961, Detroit is a junkyard

By Thomas Madison Once the shining city on a hill, and the most affluent, per capita, city on the planet, Detroit is now a rusting junkyard of poverty, crime, and human misery, the poster child for liberal Democrat policies. So, […]

VIDEO: Beyond demonic! Black thugs torture and execute white teenagers. At sentencing one thug makes “black lives matter” speech

By Thomas Madison What a foul piece of shit! It wasn’t enough to torture and execute two innocent teenage boys. At his sentencing racist turd Fredrick Young made this speech after listening to the statements by the victims’ family members: “I’d […]

Jesse Jackson on white motorist beaten nearly to death by black thugs: “There’s ignorance based in knowledge.” What the hell is that?

Jesse Jackson Finally Makes A Statement About White Motorist Beating By Brian Anderson, Downtrend Jesse Jackson knows racism. It’s his job. He’s so good at spotting it that he can find it where others would not. The one knock on […]

Sharpton, where are you? Black dirtbag opens fire on car full of white teenagers, killing one, wounding three

By Tresa Baldas, Robert Allen and Katrease Stafford, Detroit Free Press At her prestigious, private school in Grosse Pointe Woods, Paige Stalker was known as a disciplined honor student and lacrosse player who aspired to be a doctor one day. […]

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