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VIDEO: Hawaii senator says Dems have a hard time “connecting with voters” because of “how smart we are,” and because “we Democrats know so much” 

Mazie snatched the title of Dumbest Woman in Washington from Nancy Pelosi some years ago, and what an entertaining match it was. The game-winning play was Mazie having to be told by an ICE official that is actually illegal to enter the United States without permission. She had no idea!

NY Democrat politician tells Chucky Schumer that he stands with the Republicans until the Democrats remove their heads from their asses

One clear-minded Democrat sees what is happening and is warning the party leaders that if they don’t cease and desist with the anti-America rhetoric, the party is bound for the landfill of history. Or, as I have been saying for three years, the Democrat Party is dead, they just don’t know it yet.

Wow! No PC here. Check out this super-damning GOP video showing the Democrats for what they are – unhinged maniacs!

How they missed at least a little footage of the Steve Scalise shooting is mystifying, as it proves, without a doubt, that liberal Democrats are willing to employ the most criminal violence – MASS MURDER! to achieve their goals.

Here are the details of the Democrats’ plan to win your vote by repealing President Trump’s tax cuts and raising your taxes. Brilliant!

We always knew that Democrats are mean, corrupt, lying, career parasites, and we knew that they are generally stupid. But whooda’ thunk they could be THIS stupid? Well, they are!

Researcher on the streets of NY challenges passersby to tell the difference between Communist Manifesto and Democat Party platform. They can’t!

As though communism has not been tried enough (Soviet Union, all of eastern Europe, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, etc.), the American Democrat Party continues to preach its tenets, appealing to the millions who are still stupid enough to believe in it. 

Please, if you are black, or even if you are not, read this! It is the most accurate depiction of the Democrat Party you will see today

I found this old advertisement from the Democrat Party seeking fellow racists to join them in their crusade for “white supremacy.” It brought to mind the incredibly successful sales job the Democrat Party has pulled off with black Americans.

Hahaaaaa! Grab a bowl of popcorn and a chair, folks. Like a dozen cats tied together by their tails, Democrats are fighting each other tooth and claw!

Like I said two years ago, “The Democrat Party is dead. They just don’t know it yet!” Today’s version of Democrat infighting is more like tying a dozen cats together by their tails and watching the show.

Like deer in the headlights, Republicans in Congress are staring in bewilderment as President Trump goes around them, cutting deals with Democrats

The Republicans did it to themselves. They didn’t shoot themselves in the foot. They shot themselves in the face. And now they are staring silently in bewilderment, wondering how the leader of their party could abandon them. Total dumbasses! That’s as kind as I can be.

Telling the truth about Democrats! NC Republican slams Democrats for murdering blacks in 1898 and preventing blacks from voting

The party of racism, the KKK, Jim Crow, and civil rights obstruction was and is the Democrat Party. The KKK was started as an enforcement branch of the Democrat Party to keep blacks from voting.

VIDEO: West Virginia’s Democrat governor announces his switch to the Republican Party during a raucous Trump Rally

In November, Republicans solidified and/or expanded their majorities at all levels of governance, and it looked as if things couldn’t get worse for Democrats. Except, it just did.

VIDEO: The Awan IT scandal is about to blow wide open. The Awans sold secrets to foreign agents, had access to every House member’s email

The Awan IT scandal is now officially YUGE! Watch Judge Napolitano discuss not only that the Awans had access to classified information, but that they allegedly sold some of it.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s brother is Steven Wasserman, Asst US Attorney for DC. He will be handling the Awan case. How convenient!

Steven Wasserman is the Assistant US Attorney for the District of Columbia. He is said to have thrown a wrench into the Seth Rich murder case and will likely handle the Awan case. Does his name sound familiar? Maybe like Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

Wow! Ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, gross improprieties, possibly crimes, by members of Congress, this Awan thing is going to be YUGE!

If this case, which begins with the Awan brothers and goes to the highest levels of Congress, is pursued with a fraction of the energy and resources that have been expended on the Russian fairy tale, then I believe many people are going to jail and some of them are high-profile Democrat members of Congress.

Finishing June with over $3 million in debt and three consecutive months of record low donations, the Democrat Party is going broke!

What would they expect. Their only message for the past two years has been “Vote for us because Trump.”

Democrat college student sentenced to at least 100 days in prison for registering dead people to vote

A Virginia student was sentenced to a maximum of four months in prison on Monday after pleading guilty to submitting 18 false Virginia Voter registration forms.

VIDEO: Bernie Sanders and Fauxcahontas answer liberal weenie questions, plus bonus video – Bernie and Hitlery debate gun control

Fresh off inspiring a whacked out liberal Democrat to attempt mass assassination of Republican congressmen, Crazy Uncle Bernie and his favorite squaw Fauxcahontas joined forces to answer questions from morons. Bernie was all about more involvement from morons in the […]

Wow! Dem Party official on hidden recorder regarding Steve Scalise: “I’m f*cking glad he got shot! I wish he was f*cking dead!”

A few of Montag’s more endearing comments regarding Steve Scalise…. “I hate that motherf*cker!” “I’m f*cking glad he got shot!” “I wish he was f*cking dead!”

Batting 0 for 4 in recent special elections, Democrats are scratching their heads wondering what to try next. Try being patriots!

Batting a goose egg after four special election tries, the latest featuring loser Jon Ossoff (By the way, isn’t Jack a common nickname for Jon? Just sayin’)….

Despite constant interference from the left, the right, the press, and the courts, President Trump is draining the swamp at a record pace

To those who believe that President Trump has made no headway on his campaign promises due to the obstruction and interference of Democrats and Rinos, keep reading!

College audience applauds speaker who helped rape a gay man with steel pole until he died. Why was she sent to jail for it? Because she is black, she claims

Donna Hylton spent 27 years in prison for participating in the torture of a gay man, raping him with a three-foot steel pole until he eventually died, and trying to trade his corpse for $400,000 ransom.

VIDEO: Liberal weenie jokes about the rising suicide rate among white men as his audience of bleating sheep howls with laughter

Richard Focktmann is a former Maine candidate for Senate and a liberal weenie. At an event hosted by the Maine Democrat Party, Fochtmann joked about the rising suicide rate among white males, and his liberal weenie audience howled with laughter. […]

VIDEO: Democrat Senator arrested for wire fraud after 2 year investigation. FBI had to wait until Obama left office to prosecute

From the lowest rank and file Democrats to the Democrat Party’s candidates for America’s highest office, there is only one thing you can be sure of…. they are nearly all corrupt as hell!

NYPD Chief: “People are going to prison!” Hitlery Clinton entangled in the Anthony Weiner underage sexting scandal

the pieces of the case are apparently falling into place, and according to many credible sources, once-powerful liberal Democrats are scrambling to make immunity deals to avoid long prison terms.

VIDEO: Fake news alert! CNN is the fake news king. Here is a short compilation

It’s almost as if CNN is being paid by the Democrat Party and its backers. Nah, that would never happen…. right?

Democrats threaten to shut down the government if President Trump attempts to build a border wall

I truly believe the scummy Democrats in Congress, which is just about all of them, will not get it until We the People who put Donald Trump in the White House march on Washington in a massive force.

THIS is unbelievable! Only Democrat-hired tech experts will testify before the House committee on Russian hacking

Democrat cyberlackies are going to preach the party line in cyberspeak that their audience will not understand. They will reinforce the narrative that President Trump is a Russian puppet and the Russians put him in office.

Doh! Speaking of the Russian Ambassador, guess who he was seen hanging out with at the SOTU Address

The Democrats remind me of Wiley Coyote. No matter how hard they try to destroy President Trump, an anvil always falls on their heads.

Confirmed! Barack Hussein is the most destructive leader of any political party since WWII, i.e, the WORST president in American history!

Here are the numbers. THIS is the historic destruction done by Barack Hussein to his own party. Worse than Nixon, who didn’t have a complicit, adoring press.

VIDEO: The Democrat Party is dead. They just don’t know it yet. Bill O’Reilly agrees they are imploding

I don’t agree with Bill O’Reilly on a lot of issues, but we are together on this one. The Democrat Party is embarrassing itself, losing elections, and losing massive numbers of followers.

Welcome to our world! Wringing their hands, Obama and Clinton operatives struggle to find new jobs

Completely out of touch for the past eight years, Democrats are now getting a taste of the medicine they have been pouring down the throats of We the People since the coronation of Barack Hussein.

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