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Chinese admiral threatens to sink 2 US carriers, killing 10,000 sailors if US does not bow to China’s will in the S. China Sea. “We’ll see how frightened America is”

Boasting of what China would do to what he sees as sitting duck US carrier groups, Luo declared, “What the United States fears the most is taking casualties,” adding that the loss of a single carrier would cost the US 5,000 lives, the loss of two costing 10,000 American lives.

Huge story! Hitlery’s 30,000 missing emails are in Beijing, originally hacked by Chinese intel. How will President Trump get them? I have an idea

Also, the FBI KNEW Hitlery’s server had been hacked by the Chinese, who were receiving every single one of her emails. What did they do about it? NOTHING! They couldn’t spoil Hitlrey’s coronation, you know, the one that was all but guaranteed but never happened.

President Trump is threatening more tariffs after China retaliates with tariffs. China is fighting a war they cannot win. Here is why….

What does America have to lose in a trade war with China? Nothing! In fact, we will only gain. We will gain jobs and continued growth of our GDP with across the board attendant rises in all sectors of the economy from job growth.

In response to China imposing $50 billion in tariffs, President Trump proposes another $100 billion in tariffs on China. This is a war the Chinese can’t win

Watching our own manufacturing sector suffer at the hands of cheap foreign labor has been painful to watch, but not as painful as watching the dolts who have occupied our White House and halls of Congress over the past thirty years do nothing about it.

“Ready to fight a bloody battle.” Flexing its muscle, China deploys largest naval force ever to the South China Sea. “Bloody battle?” Over tariffs?

I believe this major show of force is, more than anything else, a butthurt response to President Trump’s proposal to impose import tariffs. The Chinese are not happy about the idea of American manufacturers being competitive. They believe they have a right to unrestricted access to the American consumer market.

VIDEO: Pigs are flying all over DC! I’m kidding. It’s just Chuck Schumer admitting that President ‘Trump is better than Obama.’ Not kidding. He said it

Will wonders never cease! Chuck Schumer took to the Senate floor on Thursday to praise President Trump over and over, declaring that the president is doing the right thing by getting tough with China which has been stealing America’s wealth for decades.

VIDEO: President Trump’s 6-year-old granddaughter Arabella speaks Mandarin Chinese and just became a star in China thanks to this video

Addressing “Grandpa Xi,” and “Grandma Peng,” President Trump’s granddaughter Arabella (Ivanka’s daughter) is featured in a video addressed to the Chinese President and First Lady and played at a state dinner honoring President Trump and First Lady Melania.

President Trump and Japanese PM agree to take “concrete action” against N. Korea as China blasts Trump for blaming the problem on them

I agree with President Trump. The Chinese have been exploiting the US from a trade standpoint for decades. And they can’t even take care of a piss ant dictator next door who is threatening to kill millions of innocent people?

War with North Korea cannot be stopped. China could be the big loser in this for forcing the US to take care of its regional problem

North Korea’s latest ICBM launch proves it is far more capable today than experts have estimated of hitting mainland US targets. Yet, the defiant belligerence of Kim Jong-un and his Hermit Kingdom continues unchecked, now launching ICBMs from deep inside a North Korean mountain range.

Russia and China reject both a military option in North Korea as well as economic sanctions against the Hermit Kingdom

South Korea and Japan should be taking the lead on this. Together, they combine a military force more than adequate to deal with Kim, with the US playing a supporting role, as necessary.

President Trump “overrules” his cabinet, prepares to unleash global trade war, righting the trade imbalance

The most valuable thing in the history of the world is the American consumer market, which we have been giving away to strangers for free for decades, while they laugh all the way to the bank.

Swamp draining 101. Former CIA officer arrested for selling Top Secret docs to China. Facing life in prison

On that long list of things that President Trump loves to do, hunting swamp critters is his second favorite, just behind building magnificent skyscrapers. He just caught himself a big’n.

Ford snubs President Trump. After vowing not to build a plant in Mexico, they decide to build it in CHINA instead

I hope President Trump makes it clear that there will be a tariff imposed sufficient to make Ford’s decision to move to China a losing proposition.

Another American arrested (kidnapped) in North Korea, which has also threatened China with “catastrophic consequences” for siding with the US

North Korea warned China of “catastrophic consequences” if it sides with the US coalition and increases sanctions against the Hermit Kingdom, which appears to be an incredibly stupid threat given that North Korea’s only ally in the region is China.

Chinese historian declares that the time to neuter North Korea is now. “The longer this drags out, the better it is for North Korea”

How would you like to be Kim Jong-un tonight, knowing that the magic carpet ride is over and there ain’t a damned thing you can do about it? That sitting offshore is the the most powerful military force in the […]

VIDEO: Russia is reinforcing its border with North Korea. Could this mean an attack by the US is imminent?

With Kim Jong-un continuing to issue threats of a preemptive strike, it appears that Chinese and Russian leaders are privy to something that the general public is not.

As tensions continue to mount over the North Korean problem, President Trump sends two more aircraft carrier groups

One horrible mistake President Trump made was calling King Pudgy a gentleman. Kim Jong-un is an obese, murderous, insane scumbag.

SEAL Team Six and other special ops are reportedly training in South Korea to take out Kim Jong Un

SEAL Team Six and other special operations troops are reportedly training to take out Kim Jong Un at an undisclosed training site in South Korea, according to

Calling Trump “a man who honors his promises,” China warns N. Korea to scratch nuke test and vows to help US end N. Korea’s nuclear program

This is likely the greatest achievement of President Trump’s young presidency and attests to brilliant behind-the-scenes diplomacy by the President and his staff, especially his State Department.

The Korean troll is about to get his ass kicked. THIS is a military operation I can get behind. Way to go, President Trump!

The military operation that is apparently about to take place, denuclearizing the little Korean troll and his Hermit Kingdom, will be swift, massive, and involve a coalition of powerful allies, including China.

China will stand by as the US destroys N. Korea’s nuke facilities, vowing to help with “a favorable post-war situation”

In regard to denuclearizing the nutjob running North Korea, the US is sending an “armada” to North Korea for obvious reasons. The little troll’s party is over.

The Trump Effect? Chinese flinch, returning stolen undersea drone mere hours after the Electoral College confirmed Donald Trump’s election

Without access to the American consumer market the Chinese are bankrupt in a hurry. Welcome to the Art of the Deal!

Chinese investors are buying up the United States, $27 billion in residential real estate in 2015 alone. The Donald can fix this with an import tariff!

Among the first reasons I began singing the praises of Donald Trump years ago was his clarity of vision and complete understanding of the Chinese trade problem.

Europe, are you watching? China executes eight Muslim terrorists.

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China has executed eight people for “terrorist” attacks in its restive far western region of Xinjiang, including three who “masterminded” a dramatic car crash in the capital’s Tiananmen Square in 2013, state media said.  Xinjiang is the […]

Hey, I have an idea! Let’s stop being STUPID! This is nuts! Here’s what we should be doing about our debt to China: “Hello, Red. This is Uncle Sam….”

by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society OK, so I’m pining for the good old days. You know, when the future looked bright and opportunity was around every corner. When hard work meant prosperity. When Americans enjoyed the comfort of knowing […]

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