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Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is suing DOJ for defunding sanctuary cities. Jeff Sessions’ tough response: “comply with the law or forego taxpayer dollars

Jeff Sessions is offering Emanuel a tough ultimatum in response: “Comply with the law or forego taxpayer dollars.” Concise, simple, and to the point. Bravo, Jeff!

Bloody, bloody weekend! Over 100 people shot, 15 killed over 4th of July weekend in strict gun-controlled Chicago

“Ban guns,” they said. “Then criminals won’t be able to get them and shoot people,” they said. Morons!

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is issuing IDs to illegals so they can collect welfare without being tracked by the feds

Openly, flagrantly violating federal law, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is issuing an official Chicago ID, the purpose of which is to allow illegal aliens to receive welfare benefits without being tracked for deportation.

Unbelievable! Check out this political hit piece of a letter Chicago Public Schools sent home with the children attacking President Trump and Illinois’ Republican governor

Chicago, as well as most of our major cities that have found themselves in severe financial trouble, has been governed and controlled by liberal Democrats for decades.

Video compilation: In his 50-minute farewell speech, Narcissist-in-Chief Barack Hussein mentioned himself 79 times. Go away, already!

During his roughly 50-minute speech, lame duck Hussein mentioned himself 79 times, proving that clearly the past eight years has been about himself, not the American people.

Video montage of the violence that erupted in St. Louis and Chicago between demonstrators and Trump supporters

By Thomas Madison In the video, below, St. Louis police struggle to break apart anti-Trump protesters who have locked their arms to resist arrest. The officers manage to separate them and remove them from the building. A scuffle outside the […]

Black Lives Matter protest in Chicago on Black Friday. “Protesters chant. “No justice, no shopping!”

From Lee Stranahan, Breitbart Roughly 3,000 demonstrators have shut down a large portion of Michigan Avenue in Chicago–the “Magnificent Mile”–in the middle of Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, to protest the shooting of black teenager Laquon […]

Black lives are apparently the ONLY lives that matter in Chicago, as white students are not allowed to attend “Black Lives Matter” event.

By Thomas Madison Oak Park and River Forest is a Chicago area high school that is majority white (55% white, 27% black, the balance being hispanic, multi-racial and Asian). The principal, Nathaniel Rouse, is black. Principal Rouse organized a “Black […]

VIDEO: Secret police site operating outside the Constitution. Hard to believe, but the source and the video are so credible I had to report it

Secret Police Facility “Black Site” Discovered Inside America, Detaining & Torturing Americans By Jay Syrmopoulos, The Free Thought Project Chicago, Ill. – In a startling report from the Guardian, details have been revealed about Chicago police detaining American citizens at […]

VIDEO: Solid Americans realize they have been used by Obama, respond with their own State of the Union reply

I agree with these folks 100%. Blacks, like liberals, were just tools to Obama. He used them to get elected and promptly forgot who they are. He doesn’t give a damn about them or anyone else, only himself! ~ Thomas […]

VIDEO: Illegal Immigrant Gangbangers Attack White Brothers in Chicago With ISIS-style Machetes

From Right Wing News: ABC7 reports that the older victim remains hospitalized in stable condition. The attack caused a gash 6 inches long and 1 ½ inches deep that required over 30 stitches to close. WGN reports that the Border […]

Weekend update: Michael Brown vs Chicago black-on-black murder, Kurdish chicks, and other relevant topics

MICHAEL BROWN V CHICAGO MAYHEM: Where Are the Race Baiters? From Steve Bowers, Clash Daily The Brown funeral is now long past. The extremely ugly thing about the Brown event is the racism inherent in the news coverage and the […]

Instead of attacking Whitey at Michael Brown's funeral, Al Sharpton scolds blacks: "Now, you want to be a nigger and call your woman a 'ho.'" Al, is that you?!

Rev. Al Gets It Right  By Michael Reagan, Townhall The Rev. Al Sharpton is getting the right kind of grief. This time it’s not from conservatives for being a race hustler who exploits every white-on-black killing to raise money for […]

Soldier, who is also concealed carrier, takes cover & returns fire on Chicago thugs to protect friends, preventing even more fatalities in the city that leads the nation in both gun violence and gun control laws. Go figure!….

by Prepper, Things may be changing slightly in Chicago despite the Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanueland other city politicians doing everything within their power to prevent the good people of Chicago from defending themselves. In the midst of the 82 people shot over […]

Guess which city led America in gun violence over the Fourth of July weekend. Hint: It is the same city that boasts America's toughest gun control laws. That's right, Chicago! And liberals nationwide can be heard bemoaning, "But, but, but, that can't be! Guns are illegal in Chicago!" GMAFB!!!!….

More Than 60 Shot Over Fourth of July Weekend At least seven people have been killed over the long weekend From NBC Chicago A weekend of family fun ends in a hail of bullets on the south side. Family mourns mother […]

Guess which city led America in gun violence over the Fourth of July weekend? It is the city that also boasts the nation's toughest gun laws. That's right, Chicago! And you can hear liberals nationwide bewailing, "But, but, but, that can't be! Guns are illegal in Chicago!" GMAFB!!!!….

More Than 60 Shot Over Fourth of July Weekend At least seven people have been killed over the long weekend A weekend of family fun ends in a hail of bullets on the south side. <script type=”text/javascript” charset=”UTF-8″ src=”″></script> Family […]

Queen Michelle chooses Chicago to push her own personal gun control agenda, even though Chicago ALREADY has the toughest gun control laws in the country, AND the highest murder rate. Chicago is the poster city for the Second Amendment. Not a very smart choice for a location to preach further gun control!….

Michelle Obama Moves To Make National Gun Confiscation A Reality Excerpted from American News Well it appears that Michelle Obama is not yet done championing her own agenda. According to recent reports, Michelle recently decided to appear in Chicago to […]

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