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Where does a Mexican presidential candidate go to campaign if he wants to speak to the most Mexicans? Why, California, of course. Not kidding! It just happened

Anaya visited California earlier this month to do what all Mexican politicians do – bash President Donald Trump and glad hand as many Mexican nationals as possible while soliciting their votes. He also met with University of California President Janet Napolitano, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Federal judge rules it is OK for President Trump to withhold funding from California for not adhering to US immigration policy

President Trump has the right to enforce federal immigration law and require states do the same and withhold federal funding from those that refuse. So says federal judge William Orrick.

Joe Arpaio is telling President Trump what to do about the insolent state of California. I have a better idea!

An increased general presence will not be very effective. What will be effective is embedding ICE officers in every single precinct in the state and then billing California for the cost.

Wow! CA Democrats are proposing a bill to steal half of the Trump tax savings from CA businesses

Drooling over the expected tax savings windfall businesses are due to reap from the very welcome Trump tax cut, the state of California is considering a Democrat bill to steal half of that windfall for itself. Brazen greed! Little wonder businesses are leaving California in droves.

New CA state law prosecutes employers who cooperate with ICE, DHS. Jerry Brown signed it, violating his oath and should be arrested immediately

Employers who cooperate with federal authorities in regard to apprehending illegal aliens will be arrested and punished by the state of California, according to two new state laws.

ICE confirms that deadly CA fires were set by illegal alien arrested & released 5 times by sanctuary city cops, ignoring ICE detainer requests each time

ICE submitted detainer requests to arrest and deport the individual, Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, all five times. All five times the detainer requests were ignored by local police, Gonzalez being released to set more fires and kill more people without so much as a phone call to ICE to honor its detainer requests.

Gag me with a spoon! California Catholic school removes 90% of its statues, including Mary and baby Jesus, to be more “inclusive”

The statues of San Domenico (sounds like a book, yes?) have been cherished by the community of San Anselmo, California for generations. Now, in the American rush to remove anything that may be offensive to any liberal weenie in any way, they are being systematically removed.

Voter fraud? No such thing, right? Ten Democrat counties in California had more registered voters than there were adults in the county

There is a reason that the only ones screaming for no voter ID are Democrats. They couldn’t win an election without cheating.

California conservatives are fleeing, many seeking a better life in Texas

California is stagnating. Its oppressive, liberal policies, outrageous taxes, and one-party Democrat rule are running conservatives out of the state in droves. Many are fleeing for the Lone Star state, seeking a vibrant economy, great schools, low taxes, inexpensive real estate, low cost of living, and a more conservative, common sense government.

VIDEO: The truth about Cudahy. Illegals surround and threaten Trump supporter with CCL, who pulls gun. Who do cops arrest? Guess!

The entire conflict arises from a racist, bigoted City Council that refers to Trump supporters as “white supremacists” in public. Watch as black and Latino Trump supporters shove that label back in their faces.

VIDEO: Maxine Waters tries to escape angry mob outside her town hall to no avail. Middle fingers and insults are a-flying!

She finally attempted to escape the angry mob through a back door to no avail. They were waiting for her with middle fingers and epithets a-flying.

VIDEO: Wow! Star-spangled awesome! Watch these patriots shut down Democrat congresswoman’s town hall, shouting “We love Trump!”

The police escort Barragan to a safe space in the school where she only allows fellow Snowflakes in, shutting out the patriots, who stand at the door and scream at her.

BREAKING! Shouting Allahu Akbar, black Muslim shoots, kills three white men in CA. Random act of violence, police say. Really?

Three white men were shot and killed after a black man shouting “Allahu akbar” went on a shooting rampage Tuesday afternoon in Fresno, California before being taken into custody. The killer calls himself “Black Jesus.”

VIDEO: Chaos in Berkeley. Antifa attacks pro-Trumpers, who counterattack, chasing Antifa down the street

We all know how loving and tolerant and open and accepting of everyone liberals are, right? NOT! They only claim to be. They are really close-minded bigots.

VIDEO: Anti-Trump protesters pepper spray Trump supporters, wind up with an ass-whipping, then arrested

Unsuccessful, the anti-Trumpers resort to pepper spraying the Trump supporters, who do not appreciate the assault, chase down the anti-Trumpers, beat them and then restrain them until police arrest them.

VIDEO: Another police officer shot and killed by an “early release” gang member, his second murder of the day

The animal pictured is shown being loaded into an ambulance after his second murder of the day when he shot and killed Whittier, California police officer Keith Boyer who mistook him for a human being in need of help.

VIDEO: CA Senator admits half of his family is in the US illegally, but since they work and pay taxes, it’s OK. Plus hilarious bonus video of him describing a “Ghost gun”

His justification for his family’s illegality? They “work hard and pay taxes.” Sorry, dude, working hard and paying taxes does not justify violating the law. Try stealing a car and see if that excuse works in court.

California is moving to secede since Trump won the election. Four letters for you, California: G, T, F, and O!

So, California wants to secede because Donald Trump won the election. They should remember the old saying, “You had better watch what you wish for, you just might get it.”

VIDEO: Watch this mob of loving, tolerant liberals punch, kick, and stomp this young man for wearing a Trump hat. The police rescue him, probably saving his life

Once the police escort him to his car to keep him safe, then exit the scene, a few of the loving, tolerant liberals show up again to threaten him and kick his car before he can get away.

VIDEO: Liberal weenie needs a firearms class. “30 caliber clip?” Really. Never seen one of those. “30 magazine clip?” LMAO! “In half a second?” Must be a laser.

Liberal ignoramus attempts to explain a weapon he has no idea how to use. Don’t ban guns. Ban morons, I mean liberal Democrats.

At a California Trump rally leftist nutjobs beat a Trump supporter bloody, while destroying police cars and burning private cars in the street

From Downstream Politics The peace, love, and understanding crowd turned out in force at Donald Trump’s rally in Costa Mesa, California.  While a crowd 31,000 strong was inside chanting “Lyin’ Ted” the progressives were outside doing what they do best […]

Unbelievable! California passes a new law that allows kids who fail high school to receive a diploma anyway

By Thomas Madison California has long been the cultural center of the planet, with its TV and movie arts industries and Silicon Valley cutting edge and global-leading technology centers. The entire world is influenced in countless ways by what happens in California. […]

CA Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom (D) is aggressively anti-gun, yet has spent millions of taxpayer dollars for personal armed security

By Thomas Madison San Francisco’s favorite son, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, is staunchly anti-Second Amendment. That’s fine. But the hypocrisy is he surrounds himself with copious amounts personal armed security. As Mayor of San Francisco (2004 to 2011) he spent […]

VIDEO: Angry Mom’s note to teacher about her son’s Islam assignment goes viral

From KGET-TV A California mother says she refused to let her son complete a homework assignment on Islam, sending back an angry message for his teacher. Tara Cali, of Bakersfield, uploaded a photo of the worksheet to Facebook, bringing it […]

More love from the religion of peace. Muslim man butchers his mother with a tomahawk, cuts her heart out, and masturbates on her corpse

From KRON A California man accused of murdering his mother told police that he sliced open her chest, removed her heart and then masturbated as “a release,” extremely disturbing court documents claim. An unapologetic Omar Mark Pettigen, 31, said that […]

California Dems violate federal law attempting to cause harm to Donald Trump. They should be jailed, then sued for every nickel they own

By Timothy Core, Game Changer PAC CA Democratic State Senators have introduced a resolution (SR 39) calling on the State of California to “Dump Trump”.   But in doing that… they have violated Federal law! At a boisterous gathering outside […]

VIDEO: Bowe Bergdahl detained at California pot farm during police raid, returned to Army authorities by police

From Fox News Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier who was released in a prisoner exchange in Afghanistan for five Taliban detainees, wound up in the middle of a pot raid earlier this week in northern California. Captian Greg Van Patten […]

SICKENING! New law shoves Obama legacy down the throats of California schoolchildren.

By Michael Dorstewitz, Liberty Unyielding California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Monday a bill requiring American history textbooks to teach students the “historic” significance of President Barack Obama’s legacy. The bill, AB 1912, “The President Barack Obama Curriculum Act,” […]

No joke! Grab a barf bag before continuing…. California Senate passes bill to require public schools to teach students about the historical significance of Barrack Obama….

Excerpted from Breitbart, by Adelle Nazarian Assembly Bill 1921 passed with a 30-1 vote, according to the Associated Press. It was introduced by Assemblyman Dan Holden (D-Pasadena). Sen. Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) says the bill would require the Instructional Quality Commission (which […]

California and Texas militias joining forces to protect the border….

by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society Jim Robinson posted this message to his message board, Free Republic, on the Fourth of July, regarding militia units from Texas and California joining forces to protect the border. Way to go, patriots! Ok, this […]

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