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The top five reasons, in no particular order, the beltway political establishment, on both sides of the aisle, is terrified of Donald Trump

By Thomas Madison The Top 5 Reasons DC Elites Are Shaking In Their Guccis Over The Prospect Of A President Trump 1. Trump is an outsider. He is not a part of the establishment political machine. Those in the political […]

Pelosi and her evil grin make me sick, but for the first time in my adult life I am ashamed of the Republican Party, as Boner caves to amnesty!

By Thomas Madison Pelosi’s sh!t-eating grin means America loses…. AGAIN! And it looks like our new Republican majority in Congress is worth it’s weight in cow dung. John Boner caved today and announced that Republicans would pass funding for King […]

Is Trey Gowdy a patriot or a turncoat? The generals leading the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi have concerns

ADMIRALS, GENERALS, INTEL: BENGHAZI INQUEST COMPROMISED ‘I think Gowdy has been warned away or threatened’ By Jerome R. Corsi, WND The independent Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, or CCB, has been doing its own investigation and working behind the scenes for […]

VIDEO: For only the third time in history, members of the House recite the Constitution. Now follow it!

By Thomas Madison For only the third time in history, members (a small fraction of them, judging by the empty seats) of the House of Representatives recited the entire Constitution, starting with the Preamble by Speaker Boner. It’s good that […]

ATTENTION, PATRIOTS! Join the effort to get Obama lover John Boner out of the Speaker’s chair

We have had enough! Enough of John Boner’s sorry orange ass, his lies, his deceit, and his Obama ass-kissing. Help remove him from the Speaker’s chair. Follow the link below to Bye-bye Boehner’s facebook event page, where you will find […]

John Boner’s invitation to King Hussein to address Congress concerning the state of the union

P.S. I just bought new knee pads (the old ones were worn out), and I can’t wait to give them a try. I look forward to meeting you in our usual spot in the House Men’s Room. I love you.

John Boner actually makes an uncharacteristic, no-brainer decision, appointing Trey Gowdy to head the Special Investigation into Benghazi. Boner is obviously feeling the heat himself and trying to save his job. He should have done this a year and a half ago….

Boehner Appoints Trey Gowdy to Head Special Investigation into Benghazi…Kerry Subpoenaed by Steven Ahle, BuzzPo Hey, Obama! Be afraid.  Be very very afraid Boehner hasn’t actually appointed him but he has recommended him and that’s almost as good.  That is especially true, […]

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