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HORRIBLE! European Court of Human Rights (really?) sentences infant to death

I DO NOT want to be terminated for a broken leg because some quack argues that death will stop the pain in my leg!

Germany is now confiscating private homes to house Muslim migrants

Hamburg is confiscating residential properties from owners, renovating them to house Muslim migrants, and charging the owners for the renovation. Not kidding!

The ghetto, coming to a neighborhood near you! Obama’s grand plan to destroy America’s affluent communities. And you’re paying for it!

By Thomas Madison For Barack Hussein’s next disappearing act, watch as America’s affluent communities disappear in the name of “diversity.” In a bizarre new policy initiative cloaked in the politically correct language of “disparate impact,” King Hussein is intent upon […]

Bizarre! Judge orders woman to remain in jail until she signs a consent to have her 4-year old son circumcised. In tears, she signed today

By Thomas Madison Forced consent is not consent! Although this bizarre story may appear on its face a simple power struggle between two parents, it clearly illustrates the power the state has over individuals in contemporary America. Our Founding Fathers […]

High school tells student he can’t fly American flag on his truck, reverses ruling when the community shows up flying American flags

From Stephanie Coueignoux and Trish Williford, WSOC YORK COUNTY, S.C. — Officials at one York County high school have had a change of heart about not allowing a student to display his American flag on the bed of his truck […]

VIDEO: A word on the racentric hysterics regarding our burgeoning new world police state

By Thomas Madison If we allow the race baiters, i.e., Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Obama, to dominate the narrative on race in America then we are doomed. Those individuals or racists themselves, hardly credible in a discussion on race. The video, […]

Big Brother Oregon sentences man to 30 days in jail for collecting rainwater on his own property

By Kendra Alleyne, CNS News A rural Oregon man was sentenced Wednesday to 30 days in jail and over $1,500 in fines because he had three reservoirs on his property to collect and use rainwater. Gary Harrington of Eagle Point, […]

Tweet of the month: “Voting should be mandatory, says guy who missed over 300 roll call votes in his 4 years in the Senate”

By Thomas Madison Voting should be mandatory, says Barrack Hussein. Let’s see, what could possibly be the motive for such an anti-American idea? Well, it would make voter fraud much easier, but no, that couldn’t be it. Barrack Hussein would never engage […]

VIDEO: The America you thought you knew is an illusion. Sad, but true.

From a12iggymom We want to believe we live in the land of the free, but as you’ll see in the micro-documentary from Future Money Trends below, that America no longer exists. The rule of law has been supplanted. Those who […]

Prepare for head explosion! Oregon first state to levy per-mile road tax – 1.5 cents per mile. 1,000 miles/month = $150 tax/month. OMG!

As if we aren’t taxed enough! By Cameron Aubernon, The Truth About Cars With EVs and other fuel-efficient vehicles saving consumers money at the pump, Oregon will be the first to issue a per-mile road tax to refill its coffers. […]

Big Brother is tracking citizen bank accounts. You are never too old to fight back. Be creative. Have fun with it

NOPE, NOT COOPERATING! Government’s Tracking Citizen Bank Accounts, Purchases From Les Weaver, Clash Daily For some period of time and on a multitude of web sites, we have read that the White House is livid that the banks cannot report on […]

Just shaking my head! Small town deploys ‘military-style maneuvers’ to collect 75-year-old man’s debt

From Zach Noble, The Blaze What do you do when a 75-year-old man owes you $86,000? If you’re with the sheriff’s department in Marathon County, Wisconsin, you send in a SWAT team. The tiny town of Stettin, Wisconsin, is home […]

Wow! HR5344, House bill to outlaw body armor. Big Bro hates when you resist his bullets!

Congress proposes new law prohibiting body armor in the Land of the Free If you have ever considered body armor, you had better buy it now, and be sure to keep the receipt! You will be grandfathered in if you […]


by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society Federal agents are actively searching for vocal critics of the government, especially those critical of King Hussein, and in particular, veterans. Watch the video below for one such case, that of Brandon Raub, a […]

Roadside tax collection. Not a minor annoyance….

by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society I know with all the HUGE issues we face in America today, this may seem small, but keep in mind that these “law enforcement officers” are a part of the tyranny machine, front line […]

Dad arrested for PEACEFULLY objecting to his daughter being required to read a book containing graphic sexual content. Move along, nothing to see here. Just Big Brother protecting you from misfits interfering with the indoctrination of your children….

Excerpted from The Blaze A parent was arrested at a New Hampshire school board meeting after he voiced outrage over a controversial book assigned to his daughter. Gilford school officials claim the book, “Nineteen Minutes” by Jodi Picoult, contains important […]

Gulag Amerika- It’s Here….

by Michael Winter For those who’ve read Gulag Archipelago by A.I. Solzhenitsyn, they know that the term ‘gulag’ is not a ‘prison’ in the sense citizens of the USA understand what a prison to be; large buildings with little windows, a wide […]

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