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VIDEO: Liberal weenies fall in love with Trump’s tax plan when told it is Bernie Sanders’ tax plan. Deer in the headlights when told the plan is Trump’s

When told the plan is actually that of one Donald Trump, the clueless liberal weenies are like so many deer in the headlights. Busted! Gotcha’! Stammering and declaring “Oh, wow!” and “Really?” the liberal weenies look for the nearest hole to crawl into.

VIDEO: Bernie Sanders and Fauxcahontas answer liberal weenie questions, plus bonus video – Bernie and Hitlery debate gun control

Fresh off inspiring a whacked out liberal Democrat to attempt mass assassination of Republican congressmen, Crazy Uncle Bernie and his favorite squaw Fauxcahontas joined forces to answer questions from morons. Bernie was all about more involvement from morons in the […]

Hypocrite Bernie Sanders and his lovely bride are BOTH under FBI investigation for bank fraud

Sexual abuse. Bank fraud. Potential prison time. Par for the liberal Democrat course. What a mess!

GOP baseball shooter was not only a liberal Democrat but also a Bernie Sanders campaign worker

James T Hodgkinson was not only a very liberal Democrat, you might say the poster boy for the Democrat Party, but also a campaign worker for Bernie Sanders.

VIDEO: Career parasite Bernie Sanders shouts at Trump cabinet nominee for being a Christian

Fresh off a buying spree of houses and adult toys, courtesy of a “Dive for Hitlery” windfall, Crazy Uncle Bernie is back on the job, picking up right where he left off, hating on conservatives.

Sanders supporters sue DNC for bias. DNC defense in court: We can be biased and slimy if we want. We are Democrats. Not kidding!

Their defense in court is that they can rig an election if they want to because they are Democrats and have every right to be slimy. Not kidding!

Bwahaaaaahaaaaahaaaaa! CNN cuts Bernie Sanders off, pretending they lost him, when he calls CNN “fake news.” The libs can’t seem to shake the label they created

The most hilarious part of this whole “fake news” comedy is that it was begun by Barack Hussein and his flying monkeys. Now the label has stuck to them, they can’t shake it, and I am laughing my ass off!

FINALLY! The DNC is holding an emergency meeting to consider an alternative candidate after Hitlery’s 9/11 crash and burn

So, who do they run now? The Bern, who they should have run in the first place? Crazy Uncle Joe? Pocahontas Warren? Swift Boat Kerry?

Putin and Assange claim to have emails showing Hitlery physically threatened Bernie Sanders’ wife to force him to drop out of the race

Assange’s admission appears to substantiate claims by the Kremlin who revealed they had evidence that Jane Sanders was physically threatened

VIDEO: Julian Assange promises that he has information that will finish Hitlery’s candidacy before the Sept 26 debate

“I will not reveal the exact date,” said Assange, “but I can promise you this will Bring Hillary Down Before The Debate Stage On September 26th.”

VIDEO: Watch Fox News hosts crack up at Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s claim that she was not booed off stage during the DNC, but rather those were cheers from her “enthusiastic supporters”

“Enthusiastic supporters,” claims Schultz. Yeah, right, so enthusiastic she had to be escorted out of the room by security. Listen at the end as the “goodbye” chant is sung for Schultz

Advantage, Trump! Bernie Sanders has left the Democrat Party and taken his followers with him, which is half, or more, of the Democrat Party

Bernie Sanders has left the Democrat Party. Who can blame him? He has only been a Democrat for a year and the party to which he swore his loyalty has hosed him royally.

Payback is a bitch. So is Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Bernie is engineering her next spectacular crash and burn

Schultz should have expected an unhealthy dose of characteristic liberal vindictiveness and Bernie Sanders is as liberal and characteristically vindictive as they come.

Uh-oh! This could be checkmate! The brain-dead Hitlery supporters are going to hate this video. Bernie’s supporters are abandoning the Democrat Party and are voting for Donald Trump.

Awesome! Bernie’s supporters are fired up. They were hosed by the Democrat Party, and they are leaving in droves, many now planning to vote for Donald Trump.

You know this is what Bernie Sanders would like to do to Hitlery after this past week….

No doubt Bernie has taken it in the shorts from the Wicked Witch of Benghazi. It is sad that he can’t do anything about it. Or can he?

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