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Ben Carson has uncovered half a trillion dollars misplaced (lost or stolen) by Obama’s HUD

Ben Carson has revealed massive incompetence and possibly corruption in Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development, with over half a trillion dollars improperly accounted for.

Black liberals attack Steve Harvey for meeting with Donald Trump

They believe Harvey has no business interacting with Trump, even if the mission of the alliance is to help black people.

Ben Carson is begging Donald Trump to stop calling Hitlery bad names. With all due respect, Ben, that is what got The Donald to this point

Ben is suggesting that The Donald stop being The Donald and quit call Hitlery names like “bigot.” Sorry, Ben, that is foolish.

VIDEO: Wow! Remember mild, meek, and timid Ben Carson? He has morphed into Donald Trump! Watch him blast the media for their dishonesty

Thomas Madison A year ago I thought Ben Carson did not possess the temperament to be Commander-in-Chief. He was meek and timid, and he spoke so softly I could barely hear him. Well, that was then and this is now! […]

VIDEO: Dr. Ben Carson makes it official, formally endorsing Donald Trump for President of the United States

By Thomas Madison For the past few days Ben Carson has publicly praised Donald Trump, so much so that his statements sounded like an endorsement. Now, Dr. Carson has made it official, formally endorsing Donald Trump for president. At a […]

VIDEO: Without using the word “endorse,” Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump.

By Thomas Madison While Ben Carson didn’t use the word “endorse,” he praised Donald Trump with as much enthusiasm as Dr. Carson is capable of. He is a very low-key guy. Dr. Carson’s ringing endorsement-without-using-the-word-“endorse” begins at the 1:23 mark. The video is […]

VIDEO: The classiest debate moment EVER, proving the quick desion-making and solid character of Donald Trump

By Thomas Madison H/T Danielle Durham This has to be the classiest moment of a presidential debate, ever! THAT is what we need in the White House On February 6, 2016, to begin the New Hampshire GOP presidential debate, ABC […]

Ben Carson threatens to leave the Republican Party over the GOP’s treatment of Donald Trump. Setting up a Trump/Carson third-party ticket?

By Thomas Madison The entire world knows that the Republican Party and the Republican National Committee hate Donald Trump. They also know that the people of the United States love Trump and everything he says and his promise to make […]

VIDEO: Ben Carson blasts the media for their unfair treatment of him, asking why the same scrutiny wasn’t given to candidate Obama

By Thomas Madison Leaving his lethargic, timid personality behind, Ben Carson blasted the press (11:00 mark in the video below) for their dishonesty and lying, standing up reporters who accused him of lying about a West Point scholarship. “I never […]

Struggling Jeb Bush has a hissy fit, tells the American people he has better things to do than grace them with his presence in the Oval Office

By Thomas Madison THIS is the face of the new Republican Party, RINOs. Get used to it! From Sarah Jones, Politicus USA Just 24 hours after Jeb Bush downsized his campaign to fit his struggle in the polls, Bush tells […]

Donald Trump is soaring, leading the GOP field at 40%, a 10% gain from last month. Ben Carson is a distant second. Bush tanking

By Thomas Madison In a new GOP presidential poll released by OAN and Gravis Marketing, Donald Trump leads all candidates by a wide margin. Trump is currently at 40%, up 10% from a month ago. Ben Carson is a distant […]

Ben Carson leads GOP field in new national presidential poll

By Ryan Lovelace, Washington Examiner A new national poll shows that no candidate has emerged as the front-runner among the Republican presidential candidates, but retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson holds a narrow lead at the head of the pack. Monmouth University’s […]

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