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VIDEO: If this doesn’t make you proud to be an American, have someone check your pulse. Simply awesome!

By Thomas Madison From the “America: A Tribute to Heroes” telethon, which aired live on 35 broadcast and cable networks on Friday, September 21, 2001, just ten days after 9/11. With introduction by Clint Eastwood.

VIDEO: I love this young guy and his message as he calls out Obama for hating America. Sharp youngster! Hard to believe he is only 12

By Thomas Madison CJ Pearson  is only 12-years old, yet he is far more patriotic than many adults I know. He loves America and slams Barrack Hussein for not doing the same. He also applauds Rudy Giuliani for his controversial […]

Breaking! Darrell Issa defends Rudy Giuliani: “We should thank” Rudy Giuliani for questioning whether Obama loves America

By: crusader, Tea Party Crusaders WASHINGTON — Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said Sunday that the media is unfairly questioning Republicans about Rudy Giuliani’s recent claim that President Barack Obama doesn’t love America, and insisted that the public should “thank” the […]

Does Obama love America? If you are honest and informed, at this point the answer should be obvious – he has never even liked America!

By Thomas Madison In the following video, can you tell which “man of the cloth” was Barrack Obama’s pastor…. not for a brief period until Obama realized he was an America-hating, racist zealot, but for SEVENTEEN YEARS! Barrack Hussein apparently […]

One of my favorite philosopher/commentators, Thomas Sowell, lays down some basic truth

Irresponsible ‘Education’ by Thomas Sowell Goddard College’s recent decision to have its students addressed from prison by a convicted cop killer is just one of many unbelievably irresponsible self-indulgences by “educators” in our schools and colleges. Such “educators” teach minorities […]

Watch as Ward Churchill confirms that he is a worthless POS!

By Thomas  Madison I can’t think of anyone I’d rather punch square in the face than Douchenozzle Ward Churchill. He is a career parasite, having made a life-long living of lying to young, impressionable Americans for a government paycheck, which he […]

Land of the the free! Uh-huh.

  So how is that War on Drugs working out? We have incarcerated millions of non-violent Americans. We have created ghetto millionaires and South American billionaires. We are spending huge resources on incarceration, law enforcement, and our judicial system, and […]

POWERFUL VIDEO! I Fought For You….

By Thomas Madison Liberals will see this video as so much jingoistic nonsense. From patriots it will provoke a tear of pride and regret. Removing American History, Social Studies, and Civics from the core curriculum of our junior high schools […]

Dumber than a fourth-grader. Vladimir Putin on the American leftist elite.

I find it astounding that our socialist (leftist) elite have not learned the lessons, just by observation, of the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, and Cuba. It is all right in front of them to see, and they still […]

Is there anything to learn from the fiscal suicide we are watching happen in Europe? Yes, there is!….

By Thomas Madison Many European countries, Greece for example, are living, breathing examples of welfare states on steroids, where government spending/waste has led to fiscal suicide. The next domino to fall is likely France, where over 80% of college students […]

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