During Trey Gowdy’s questioning of career parasite and card-carrying swamp rat Peter Strzok, I picked up on two words Strok said that sent a cold chill up my spine.

The entirety of the following video is outstanding as Trey Gowdy destroys Strzok, but pay particular attention at the 28:00 mark as Strzok is given yet another few minutes to grandstand and declare his innocence and patriotism.

Listen closely as Strzok says the words “deeply corrodes.” I don’t know who you hear saying those words, but I hear Satan. It is a different, deeper, demonic voice than Strzok’s normal voice, and it is creepy as hell!

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Now, another video is flooding the interwebs. Watch creepy parasite Strzok in the following clip. I don’t even have to describe it. You will see for yourselves what a demon this scumbag is.

Look closely at the pics above and you will also see what appear to be horns sprouting from his forehead.

At times, during the questioning, I fully expected Strzok’s head to spin 360 degrees on his torso as Linda Blair’s “The Exorcist” laugh filled the House chamber. Goodlatte needs to get a Catholic priest who is an expert in exorcism into the chamber in a hurry to continue the questioning of Strzok.