As we reported in an article yesterday, the scheduled news conference of the witness who claims to know who killed Seth Rich was conducted as planned. Video below.

Most reviews of the interview were negative for a number of reasons. However, I don’t agree with any of the negative feedback. I am not saying that I believe or disbelieve the witness. I merely remain openminded and hopeful that his evidence leads to a resolution in the case.

One thing is certain, the murder was not a “botched robbery,” as claimed by the DC Police Department. It has all of the appearances of a political hit, which relates to the only statement the witness said that leads me to question his credibility. He claimed that Rich’s murderers are federal agents, one from DEA, one from ATF, and another who is a former government employee. That part is not beyond belief. But, he also said that they are Republicans, which begs the question of motive.

Trending: Barack Hussein, “Master of the Cesspool.” It is time to indict for treason and sedition. There is ample evidence!

Republicans had no motive to kill Seth Rich, in fact quite the opposite. Rich was presumably the WikiLeaks source providing Julian Assange with damning information regarding the Democrat Party and the DNC, for which he was employed.

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Thus, if either party had a motive to kill Rich to keep him quiet, it was the Democrat Party.

There was one bombshell revelation by the witness that involved Rod Rosenstein, who the witness claimed may not have had any direct involvement in Rich’s murder, but he was certainly protecting the killers who the witness said were members of Rosenstein’s “dirty tricks squad.”

Much of the negative feedback resulted from the fact that the witness was not there in person. The interview was conducted by telephone, which was put on speakerphone and microphone so that the audience present could hear the witness as well as those of us watching the video of the interview.

Why the witness’ personal appearance was necessary for critics to consider him credible is mystifying. He said from the outset that he was not there in person due to his concern for being identified and jeopardizing his personal safety.

Considering the position he has put himself in and knowing the demonic swamp rats as we now all do, I believe I would have the same concern were I in his position and would likely also take all precaution to maintain my anonymity. He admitted that he was not using a voice scrambler, which I consider a critical mistake.

What I would like to know is why isn’t Jeff Sessions all over this? Why isn’t the House Intel Committee all over this? Why hasn’t the government offered this witness 24-hour security?