Robert Mueller continues to chase his tail looking for evidence of Trump/Russia collusion, despite there being zero evidence.

There is evidence, however, that the Russians did NOT hack Hitlery’s or the DNC’s email, that the hack was no hack at all, but, rather, an inside job, which is what many suspected all along, and that the hacker was DNC employee Seth Rich who was shot twice in the back and murdered in Washington but not before he could transfer the stolen emails to Julian Assange.

Evidence of Rich being the hacker instead of shady Russians, as the Democrats want you to believe, is in the hands of Kiwi internet sleuth Kim Dotcom, who not only knows of Rich’s leak to Assange, but was involved in the leak himself.

Here is the really strange part of the story, or not so strange if you have followed it closely, in which case you can see clearly what is going on – Dotcom offered his evidence that Rich was the WikiLeaks informant to Robert Mueller…. TWICE! But, both times Mueller refused to even consider it.

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Why? Obviously, because it would destroy the Russian hacking narrative and end the witch hunt, which Democrats need desperately to stay alive if they are to have a prayer of gaining a congressional majority in November to ensure their dream of impeaching President Trump.

This proves that Mueller is not objective, impartial, or nonpartisan. He is a political tool of the Democrat Party, searching frantically for any evidence of Donald Trump being within ten miles of any Russian during the 2016 presidential campaign.

President Trump is all over this, hinting Dotcom’s involvement in a Sunday morning tweet. The “400 pound genius” President Trump alludes to is an obvious reference to Dotcom, who confirms in a follow-up tweet that the theft of the sensitive Democrat emails was NOT the work of Russians and that he has offered his evidence to Mueller who refused it, then correcting the president’s weight guess, tweeting “360 pounds!”

Dotcom should go to the media with his evidence if Mueller refuses to accept it. Only Fox could be trusted to report Dotcom’s evidence fairly. The members of the Alphabet Network Fake News Club would only spin Dotcom’s evidence as not credible and/or not possible, painting Dotcom as a liar.