Ecuador is a pro-life country. It is right there in their Constitution….

Article 45. Children and adolescents shall enjoy the rights that are common to all human beings, in addition to those that are specific to their age. The State shall recognize and guarantee life, including care and protection from the time of conception.

There is no ambiguity there. Abortion is illegal in Ecuador!

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Like all earthly nations, Ecuador has been devastated by COVID. Thus, Ecuador’s leaders sent a financial relief request to the UN asking for $46 million in relief funding to help Ecuador’s citizens survive the pandemic. That is supposed to be the UN’s purpose. However, today’s UN has an entirely different agenda.

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The UN replied that it would be happy to assist the Ecuadorian people in this terrible time of need…. on one condition, that Ecuador legalizes the butchering of the most innocent among them, their unborn children.

It appears that Josef Mengele is running the United Nations today. Evil to the core!

H/T Dr. Reg Barrow

The United Nations is using coronavirus aid to pressure Ecuador to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions, pro-life leaders in the country said this month.

The Catholic News Agency reports the country’s Ministry of Foreign Relations and Human Mobility recently asked for $46.4 million in aid from the UN Humanitarian Response Plan COVID-19.

Within that funding package, however, is a goal to “maintain continuity of maternal, neonatal and children’s health and other sexual and reproductive health services during the pandemic,” including abortions, according to the report.

“[Our] fear is that our highest authority in Ecuador will even consider accepting this economic shakedown of $46 million in exchange for the lives of thousands of unborn children,” Martha Villafuerte of the pro-life Guayaquil Family Network told ACI Prensa.

The Guayaquil Family Network and other pro-life organizations recently began a petition urging President Lenin Moreno to reject the abortion agenda within the aid, according to the report.

“It goes against the Constitution, specifically article 45, which guarantees the right to life from conception, a right that was ratified last September 17 at the plenary session of the National Assembly,” Villafuerte said.

Here’s more from the report:

The citizen petition says that “in the face of the COVID-19 drama, the United Nations has offered to send humanitarian aid to Ecuador, but the aid is not free, since in various sections of the document it is explained that said aid is conditional on Ecuador legalizing abortion.”

“And it seems it has already begun to produce results because Ecuador is one of the 59 countries that in the midst of the pandemic has already committed to promote abortion,” the petition adds, referring to a May 6 joint declaration signed by a number of countries, including Ecuador “to protect sexual and reproductive health and rights and to promote gender-responsiveness” during the pandemic.


Villafuerte said the UN plan would give Ecuador $46.4 million, but it would require $3 million of that aid to be used to train “health personnel on safe, legal abortion and post-abortion care.”

Some lawmakers are speaking out against the abortion agenda, too.

“Unbelievable! The UN conditions ‘safe legal abortion’ in its humanitarian support plan for Ecuador,” Assemblyman Héctor Yépez wrote on Twitter. “While we all want to save lives, some insist on eliminating the lives of unborn girls and boys.”

The United Nations has faced international criticism for pushing abortions as part of its response to the coronavirus.

Jonathan Abbamonte of the Population Research Institute wrote more about it earlier this month:

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has also been urging governments to ensure uninterrupted access to abortion during the pandemic. An interim technical brief recently issued by UNFPA calls on governments to: “Ensure women’s and girls’ choices and rights to sexual and reproductive health is respected regardless of their COVID-19 status, including access to contraception, emergency contraception, safe abortion to the full extent of the law.” The technical brief also advises governments to “encourage” women who have recovered from a COVID-19 infection to seek abortion services “to the full extent of the law.”

This seems a backhanded way of saying that, when women come to African health clinics to be treated for the coronavirus, they should also be propagandized about the benefits of abortion. Health care in Africa has often been directly tied to population control programs in this way.

The WHO also faced heavy criticism from pro-life leaders this spring when it falsely claimed abortion is an essential service during the coronavirus pandemic.

President Donald Trump stopped giving United States tax dollars to the United Nations Population Fund in 2017, and, in April, he halted funding to the World Health Organization (WHO).