Photo, above: Rosie O’Donnell told DailyWire editor Ben Shapiro in a tweet Wednesday morning, “suck my dick ben” after Shapiro hammered her (or him) for being a felon, which her recent attempted bribery of Senators Jeff the Flake and Susan Collins certainly makes her

This is our third article today on Rosie O’Donnell, the gift that keeps on giving. She is either broke and keeping herself in the headlines for money by attacking everyone she can think of or has gone totally insane.

In my two earlier articles today on Rosie, here and here, we noted that America’s favorite manatee has violated the law and not in a minor way. Bribing members of Congress is serious business and punishable in Rosie’s case by 15 years in prison and $12 million dollars in fines. OUCH!

Ben Shapiro also pointed out Rosie’s felonious violation of federal law in a tweet to the former co-sow of The View, suggesting President Trump order Jeff Sessions to open an investigation into Rosie’s bribery of members of Congress….

Rosie did not take Shapiro’s tweet well….

Alrighty, then! I can’t say that either is a big surprise, the language or the revelation, which I think at least half of the country believed anyway. Shapiro responded….