Jim Jordan is my #1 choice to replace Paul Rino as Speaker of the House. He is a solid patriot, which is desperately needed in the Speaker’s chair.

I guarantee you that Jordan will push the Trump agenda through the House with amazing speed and efficiency. He takes no crap from the swamp rat parasites on the left and is all about “America First” all the time.

Speaking of swamp rats, watch Jordan dress down career entitled parasite Rod Rosenstein, who whines like a little wimp about being under “attack” by Jordan.

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Searching for background on this dialogue between Jordan and Rosenstein, I studied two Twitter videos of the interview, one from ABC and one from CSPAN.

The comments to the CSPAN video are fairly balanced, some believing Jordan is only trying to get to the truth, and some believing that Rosenstein is a victim and made a fool of Jordan, especially the “you can’t subpoena phone calls” comment, which truly shows what a snake Rosenstein is, because you most certainly can subpoena phone calls (phone records). It is done routinely…. https://www.wikihow.com/Subpoena-Phone-Records

The ABC Twitter thread is full of vitriol towards Jordan, calling him a fool and actually delighting in Rosenstein’s erroneous phone call subpoena comment, which had Democrat members howling.

As I see it, Rosenstein is exactly the sort of swamp rat that President Trump is trying to remove from Washington. Consider this: Rosenstein is in a very powerful position. Rosenstein is a liar. Like Mueller and McCabe and Comey, he will use his position and authority to hurt his enemies. He is extremely dangerous! He cannot be trusted. He should be fired immediately and investigated thoroughly.

Following are the videos from both the ABC Twitter thread and the CSPAN Twitter thread, followed by a mix of comments from both threads.