I have been watching the videos of the Strzok testimony before Congress on his involvement in the investigation of President Trump and Russian collusion.

I first saw the following interview on the C-SPAN video (all eight hours unedited) and found a clip of it alone to provide here. It hasn’t gotten nearly the attention of some of the other House members’ questioning of Peter Strzok, but without question, this is among the finest interviews I have seen so far. To say that Peter Strzok has had a rough few days would be a gross understatement.

Congressman John Ratcliffe (R-TX), a former US Attorney and obviously a damned fine one, leads Peter Strzok down the primrose path and then WHAM! hits him upside the head with a cinderblock.

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Watch career parasite and world-class scumbag Peter Strzok, who must surely know by now that he is clearly out of his league, as Congressman Ratcliffe slices him and dices him and ties his miserable carcass into a tidy bow and delivers him to the trash bin.

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Strzok, whose smug, smirky, defiant demeanor proved that he came into these proceedings with the obvious opinion that he was not only the equal of his inquisitors but far superior, will need the help of Lisa Page and Bob Mueller to walk to his car when this is finished, as he has been ripped a new exhaust port by John Ratcliffe, et al.

I heard Mark Meadows on Fox News today discussing potential multiple felony “false testimony” charges for Strzok and demanding that it is time to start prosecuting these career parasite swamp rats who believe themselves untouchable. I am working on an article on that now. Stay tuned.

I believe congressional Republicans intend to make an example of Strzok, which would be the real beginning of draining the swamp.

Try not to become preoccupied with the fact that Ratcliffe is nearly a dead ringer for Steve Carell. Even their mannerisms are the same. (image of Carell below the video)

This is the best interview I have seen so far. Rep. Ratcliffe is one sharp dude. I especially enjoyed the very end where he gave swamp rat Strzok not a second to grandstand, an opportunity that the parasite has been given in nearly all other interviews. Ratcliffe drives the final nail into Strzok’s lifeless body, then declares, “Chairman, I’m done with this witness and I yield back” as the interrogation continues but not before Chairman Goodlatte gifted parasite Strzok another few minutes to tell the world in the most righteous indignation what a wonderful person he truly is.

Enjoy some John Ratcliffe absolutely pulverizing career parasite Peter Strzok. Poor bastard never knew what hit him!