The Dragon Lady, aka Speaker “Batshit Crazy” Pelosi led a congressional delegation to Africa recently to celebrate 400 years of slavery with officials in Ghana. I know what you’re thinking – slavery is nothing to celebrate. Keep in mind, we’re talking about congressional Democrats who will party for any reason or no reason, and, after all, slavery was and is a Democrat idea and beloved institution.

When it came time to boogie, Plastic Nancy proved to her Ghanaian hosts that she wasn’t afraid to “get down,” showing off her best moves with the grace and rythm of an unfortunate soul afflicted with a terrible nervous disorder.

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Am I the only who immediately thought of Steve Martin in The Jerk while watching prancing Nancy’s embarrassing spasms and seizures,?….

Ever the samaritan, watch Georgia Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson strut and pirouette to keep the room balanced, lest the building tip over and slide into the Gulf of Guinea. As some may recall, it was Johnson’s perceptive wisdom that prevented the island of Guam from suffering the same fate….

Say all the bad things you want about Democrats, they are worth their weight in gold in entertainment value.