As I reported yesterday, my first look at George Papadopoulos’ activities while a member of the Trump for President campaign made it clear that he was a Democrat plant sent to set up candidate Trump to advance the Russian collusion narrative.

Papadopoulos spent most of his time on staff in the Trump camp working hard to convince the candidate and senior members of his staff to meet with Russian officials he was busy arranging meetings with.

Candidate Trump and his senior staff, in particular, campaign manager Paul Manafort, did not take the bait, rejecting all offers to meet with any Russians, otherwise the Russian collusion fairy tale would be far more credible today. Instead it is a joke, a very sad joke, and Hitlery Clinton is the punchline.

Now, THIS: The connection that makes it very clear that Papadopoulos is a Democrat plant is Sergei Millian, whose name may sound familiar as he is the Russian source who gave Christopher Steele the salacious lies for the Trump dossier, paid for by Hitlery and the DNC, via Fusion GPS. It was Millian who provided all of the raunchy and preposterous bullshit regarding sexcapades by private citizen Trump while in Russia during the Miss Universe Pageant, as well as other misdeeds by Trump, nearly all of which have been proven false.

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The Democrats had better be careful. They should right now demand Robert Mueller be fired before he picks up the scent of a Democrat trail. The last thing the Democrats want is Mueller investigating them. He could likely make a very good deal to avoid his own prosecution by hanging Hitlery, the Democrat Party, and their swampmates on both sides of the aisle.

According to Reddit contributor GeminiSi, via Gateway Pundit:

From the Statement of Offense.

1.  10 – 11 April – George Papalopoulos (GP) emails the Russian female contact trying to set up a ‘foreign policy trip’ , which she agrees to eagerly.

2. 26 April – GP meets Russian woman who tells him they can arrange a Putin-Trump meeting & have ‘dirt’ on HRC -/…

3. The Russians have another go. On June 9, the Trump Jr sting. A Russian woman promises dirt on HRC, but never delivers. Sound familiar?

4. And here’s an interesting fact. GP had another contact he never disclosed,- Sergei Millian.

And from an anti-Trump tweeter (Louise Mensch) who connects the two on 15 Aug 2017, but doesn’t quite get the significance: George Papadopoulos, who repeatedly tried to set up a Putin-Trump meeting per @WashPost, is tied to Sergei Millian… YES. Millian of Steele Dossier fame, see Sergei Millian.

Sergei Millian is one of 240 GP’s Facebook friends.