Iran is a clear and declared enemy of the United States and world peace. Therefore, any aid and comfort given to Iran by an American is considered treason. Nancy Pelosi is very busy trying to excuse the Iranian downing of a jetliner full of innocent civilians. This is treason.

There have been other grassroots efforts in Iran to oust the theocratic Islamic nutjobs who have had their boots on the necks of the Iranian people for 40 years. There is a difference this time – Donald Trump is in the White House, not Barack Hussein, the best friend the planet’s leading state sponsor of terrorism ever had.

Imagine the world without the bloodthirsty Islamic zealots leading Iran. It will be the closest we have been to world peace in four decades. I believe that will happen within the next few years. The days of the Islamic regime in Iran are numbered.

Where Barack Hussein supported the Islamic regime in Iran and offered no help whatsoever to the Iranian protesters, many of whom died in their effort to take their country back from the reigning mullahs, President Trump is standing with and supporting the protesters in their fight against the terrorist regime.

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The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, sending thousands of Iranians into the street to demand the Ayatollah step down, was the downing of the Ukrainian jetliner by the Iranian military, killing all aboard, most of them Iranians, many of them students.

The grassroots unrest in Iran is a very good thing for the region and the world and could finally bring an end to the Islamic regime.

Like the Islamic regime, the American Democrat Party is no friend to the Iranian people. Listen as Nancy Pelosi, in a recent ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos, downplays the significance of the grassroots uprising in Iran. This amounts to giving aid and comfort to a declared enemy. Treason! When will she be indicted, Attorney General Barr?

And, the Iranian people are paying attention. They know all about the Democrats and their love affair with the mullahs who murder dissenters in the street.