Photo, above: Bashar al-Assad, out and about with his wife, Asma. THIS is the man Barack Hussein described as a bloodthirsty killer of innocent people. Assad protected large communities of Jews and Christians in Syria, where they had coexisted peacefully with the Muslim majority for centuries until Hussein began arming Syrian “rebels,” ISIS began slaughtering tens of thousands of innocent Jews and Christians, and parts of the country devolved into pockets of lawless chaos. 

Among the planks of President Trump’s platform that most appealed to me during the presidential campaign of 2016 was his intention to repair our relationship with Russia.

Something very good came out of the G20 conference. Presidents Trump and Putin met for the first time. From the initial handshake, the mutual respect and admiration between the two leaders was evident.

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Scheduled for 30 minutes, the meeting lasted 2 1/2 hours. Apparently, at the very top of the list of discussion points was Syria, a quagmire of human misery today engineered by Barack Hussein, who armed Syrian rebels to take down Assad, heretofore the Middle East’s most shining example of what a democracy can look like in the very confused politics of the region.

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Putin was on the right side of this “conflict.” He supported Assad, a Western-educated, secular leader who protected large ancient communities of Syrian Jews and Christians, which have lived peacefully among the Muslim majority for centuries. Assad is no Saddam Hussein. Neither is he a Muslim zealot, referring to himself and his leadership as “secular.”

Assad is a Western-educated MD, an ophthalmologist fluent in both English and French and who would very well be living comfortably and happily in Europe today with his British wife were it not for the death of Assad’s older brother Bassel, killed in a car crash in 1994. Bassel was the eldest son and had been his father’s choice as heir apparent to the presidency. Upon Bassel’s death, Bashar was summoned from Britian to join the Syrian military and replace his brother as heir apparent, and the rest is history.


No question, Putin was on the right side of this conflict. And now President Trump has America on the right side, pulling our support from the Syrian rebels. Bravo, President Trump!

This will, of course, be interpreted by the lamestream media as conceding to Putin and Russia, and, well we should. We were on the wrong side to begin with and I believe that President Trump sees that and is securing for America the best deal available, an end to the costly program of arming, funding, and training the Syrian rebels, a mending of our relationship with the world’s other superpower, and peace at last in war-torn Syria. The rebels may continue to resist for a time, but without American support, they are finished and must now answer to Assad for their treason.

From The Daily Caller

President Donald Trump has ended the covert CIA program to arm Syrian rebels, which had the aim of bringing down the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The Obama administration initially began the program in 2013 in a move to topple Assad, but a strong military showing from both Russia and Iran to back waning Syrian regime forces has embarrassed minimal, limited U.S. efforts, The Washington Post reports.

U.S. officials who spoke to WaPo stated that the move is consistent with Trump’s desire to seek better relations with Russia, adding that Trump came to a decision on ending the CIA program about a month ago. Jordan, the location where some of the Syrian rebels received training, has backed the move to kill the program.

One current official told WaPo that Trump’s decision essentially means that “Putin won in Syria.”

However, to a certain extent, the program was crippled from the start, as the White House during the Obama administration pushed for a stalemate outcome among the warring factions in Syria, in order to induce a political settlement. As such, the CIA was only allowed to provide rebels with enough support, so that they could to fight without winning — but also without losing.

The program will apparently be eliminated over the course of several months.

Trump met with CIA Director Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster before attending the G20 meeting in Germany on July 7, where Trump spoke closely with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on the side.

Officials noted that Trump’s decision to end the disastrous, costly CIA program was not a condition of the new ceasefire deal in southwest Syria between the U.S., Russia and Jordan, which came out of the G20 meeting.