He may be a distant memory to Americans, but Barack Hussein is still on the head-of-state circuit, most recently visiting “my friend Angela” Merkel in Berlin. Apparently, Merkel, hereinafter referred to as Frau Blucher, did not receive the memo that there is a new sheriff in Washington and Barack Hussein is nowhere close to relevant and as legitimate as a ghetto newborn.

The purpose of Hussein’s visit was to convince Europe’s gullible youngsters to join the fight against global warming, the greatest hoax perpetrated against mankind since Al Gore was born, which wasn’t exactly a hoax, just a sad joke, pardon my digression.

From the German publication, The Local

Although the meeting was closed to the press, the transatlantic relationship between Germany and the US was likely to be at the centre of the discussion.
“Closed to the press” is liberal code for “we are warping the malleable minds of the young and don’t want you to see or report the process.”
Relations between the US and Germany have deteriorated considerably since Obama’s Republican successor Donald Trump took office as US President.
A political friendship had developed between Merkel and Obama during his eight-year term in office, with Obama also visiting the Chancellor in 2013 and 2017.
It was love at first sight. Frau Blucher is destroying Europe by permitting unlimited numbers of Muslim migrants into Germany and, as luck would have it, Barack Hussein is a Muslim of the first rank who would love nothing more than to see Europe and America overrun by Muslim migrants. A marriage made in hell.
Merkel is due to travel to the US at the end of May for a speech at the graduation ceremony of the US elite Harvard University – but apparently is not planning a detour to Trump in Washington.
Obama has been in Germany since Thursday. That evening he spoke before an audience of 14,000 in Cologne’s Lanxess Arena. 
The politician said he was “confident and cautiously optimistic” that the United States would soon be a leader in climate protection again.
But, please, don’t take Hussein’s word for it. Visit the guy with the Tennessee accent in the lobby selling the snake oil.
He said he understood that many people are frustrated by the attitude of the current US government. But they shouldn’t forget that the liberal state of California, for example, is consistently implementing the Paris Climate Agreement, he said.
Hope lies in young people, he said: “If all young people went to the polls and voted for climate-friendly parties, they could bring about change very quickly.”
Obama also stressed that decisions and discussions must be based on facts. “I am a great supporter of enlightening values such as facts, reason and logic,” said the 57-year-old. “A democracy defines itself by allowing for different opinions, but it cannot function when fundamental facts are challenged.”
Yes, many young people actually believe this bullshit!
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Watch the following video as Hussein’s posse piles into his Alamo rental SUV. That’s a pretty diverse crew, right?

And, for those wondering about the Frau Blucher reference, she was a character in Young Frankenstein who even the horses were afraid of….