By Madame Defarge

The first Reformation struggle consisted of a series of wars for power and of course money. The corruption of the church had reached incredible levels. Being able to
pay your way out of hell by writing a check for indulgences was the nadir of religion. This provided the excuse to release decades-long savagery.

The New Reformation religion was constructed by Al Gore to provide a way for the wealthy to mitigate their alleged climate sins using the same principle of
indulgences (Al got a healthy cut of course!). The church of the Divine Global Warming was designed for global political domination but has recently experienced a
backlash and a setback for the faithful.

The Reformation was the vehicle used to determine who controlled the worship of God and therefore controlled society. The Reformation began when Martin Luther tacked the 95 theses to the cathedral door. As usual, our intellectuals today have made hash out of this history. They have placed 95 bags of the feces of political correctness at the doors of the faculty lounge to define their positions. Any deviation from this divine revelation will be mercilessly stamped out.

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The consolidation of power was the greatest motivator of the rulers during the Middle Ages as it is today. The religious banner was used to rally the peasants to the
armies. The same methods are used today, but in addition, Mr. Soros and his friends generously provide cash for their rioters. They are paid to destroy the city and any proceeds from their looting is regarded as a bonus for their hard work.

This and their allies in the mayors’ office in the democrat controlled metropolises allow horrors to the property of citizens that would not be tolerated in a civilized society. These mayors are compensated by having the funds to stuff the ballots boxes in their own favor thereby extending their own corruption.

Why is all of this commotion and destruction necessary? This is because the true faith of Globalism has been undermined by the evil populists and their mouthpiece
President Trump. He is the only politician in recent history to not need the financial support of the Wall Street Globalists.

The slightest deviation from the approved path must be rejected immediately. The dupes of the Globalists are simpletons who are trying to gain social acceptance that was denied them in their youth. By banding together the women’s movement, the homosexual movement, the civil rights movement, and the global warming movement, a ready group of serfs was panting to charge and destroy the establishment.

When they are unsuccessful they are easily consoled with a box of donuts and a kitten with which to sleep. If successful, they are indoctrinated with a new crisis such as that of the transexual transvestite emotional meltdown. Thus, one step at the time strategy for international socialism goes forward. The most recent is the fake flu
epidemic that has unwittingly shown the true end game of the charade. That is the totalitarianism of some of the governors of the primitive states. Government by decree is fun especially if the tyrant does not feel obligated to follow his own dictates. The rules are for the serfs and not the elite, of course.

The first Reformation rapidly moved to war. During this bloody conflict, about 40% of the population of Germany was eliminated. It took hundreds of years to recover. The Muslims were charging around the Mediterranean Sea while the Europeans were concentrating on self-destruction. Hmmmm?

Our new Reformation was on the verge of complete control of the world dominant USA. Now the populists are starting to stir and throw off their handcuffs using Mr.
Trump as a vehicle. There will be no holds barred in this struggle as we have seen. Treason, treachery, and plague have all been used in the attempt so far. The crossroads of the struggle has been reached. Who will win?

Still Knitting
The Madame