With nearly all of today’s news centered around the coronavirus and corrupt, brain-dead Joe Biden leading the pack of equally corrupt, brain-dead Democrat presidential candidates in the United States, I thought it important to share a bit of history-changing news with global significance that is getting little to no coverage in the mainstream media.

For over a decade the Muslim invasion of Europe has continued unabated and virtually unchallenged by the bleeding heart liberals who run the European Union. The Muslim hordes which have taken residence in the “Old Country” are outbreeding their hosts at a leporine pace. Mohammed has been among the most popular birth names for boys in Britain over the past several years. These are sad facts in today’s Europe, a disappearing culture the impendent extinction of which must be horrifying for crestfallen continentals to witness.

Turkish president Recep Erdoğan is resolved to hasten the inevitable. An extortionist of the first rank, Erdoğan is demanding huge sums of money from the European Union to keep Turkey’s borders closed to prevent Muslim refugees from crossing into Europe, especially Greece. Not having received the cash he demands, Erdoğan has opened the floodgates to allow hordes of Muslim refugees to cross the Turkish border into Greece and other parts of Europe.

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Turkey’s Interior Minister, Süleyman Soylu, has declared that without more free money from the European Union, Turkey will allow an unchecked flood of Muslim refugees to cross into Greece. The Greek military is reported to be practicing with live ammunition to stem the flow and protect Greece from the Muslim invasion.

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The clueless, politically-correct liberals who run the EU have been busy paying Erdoğan all he demands until his latest demand of an additional 500 million Euros. The EU hesitated and Erdoğan promptly opened the gates, allowing tens of thousands of Muslim refugees to cross into Greece and other parts of Europe. EU officials quickly changed their tune and are now paying the 500 million Euros to Turkey while Erdoğan is laughing all the way to the bank.

The refugees are being called “Syrian” refugees due to the war underway there. However, Greek authorities are reporting that most of the so-called refugees are from Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan, not Syria. They are also reporting that 95% of the refugees are young, able-bodied males, not families in search of refuge from the war.

From Voice of Europe

Süleyman Soylu, Turkey’s Interior Minister, has claimed that mass migration across the Greek border will be able to drastically change Europe’s governments, economies, and bringing chaos which will cause Europe’s stock markets to crash.

“The governments in Europe will change, their economies will deteriorate, their stock markets will collapse,” Süleyman Soylu said during an interview on the Tarafsiz Bölge program on CNN Türk last Saturday.

The current struggle along the Turkish-Greek border appears as some kind of retribution purposefully inflicted on the EU by the Erdogan regime. Among other things, Turkey claims that the European Union has not been supportive of the invasion of Syria. Erdogan made claims back in September that he would ‘flood the gates of Europe’ with refugees if Europe didn’t support Turkey in housing of refugees.

According to spurious claims made by Turkish officials, 100.000 immigrants have made their way to the Greek border. As of right now, the ongoing struggle between Turkey and Europe seems to have reached a stalemate.

As the Voice of Europe reported on earlier, the European Commission is currently preparing to hand over an additional 500 million euros to help Turkey with it’s so-called ‘Syrian’ refugees.

The Greek military, in preparation, to fend off any more immigrants trying to illegally enter Greece, has reportedly been practicing with live ammunition.