Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump and the Democrat fairy tale that he was colluding with Russia is now over five months old. The closest thing to evidence that has been found thus far is a meeting President Trump’s son, who is not a member of the Trump administration, conducted with an individual who happened to be a Russian and who asked for the meeting under the false pretense that she had valuable opposition research evidence damaging to Hitlery Clinton, which she never provided, giving the meeting the clear appearance of being a Democrat setup to, in effect, plant evidence for future use.

Bottom line, there is no crime. Meeting with a Russian person for the purpose of opposition research is not illegal. There is ZERO evidence of any other purpose for the meeting. But, that doesn’t matter to Democrats. They were and are determined, by hook, crook, or lie, to hang the fairy tale of Russian collusion around President Trump’s neck.

Voila! Enter Robert Mueller and his merry band of witch hunters.

Of course, there has been a very shocking case of Russian collusion we now know as Uranium One, which involves the Clintons, Mueller, Rosenstein, James Comey, his deputy Andrew McCabe, and even Barack Hussein. If ever there was a need for a special counsel, here it is!

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Uranium One is not only a matter of illegal activity, but a severe degradation of US national security, which was compromised for money, personal gain, to the tune of $150 million, most of which wound up in the grimy hands of the Clintons.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media doesn’t want to go there. “Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.”

Now we discover that Rod Rosenstein’s very appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel is illegitimate, illegal.

According to 28 U.S. Code § 592 – Preliminary investigation and application for appointment of an independent counsel….

“A preliminary investigation conducted under this chapter shall be of such matters as the Attorney General considers appropriate in order to make a determination, under subsection (b) or (c), on whether further investigation is warranted, with respect to each potential violation, or allegation of a violation, of criminal law.”

28 U.S. Code § 592 further instructs….

“If the Attorney General, upon completion of a preliminary investigation under this chapter, determines that there are no reasonable grounds to believe that further investigation is warranted, the Attorney General shall promptly so notify the division of the court, and the division of the court shall have no power to appoint an independent counsel with respect to the matters involved.”

Rod Rosenstein, acting on behalf of recused Attorney General Jeff Sessions, did not conduct a preliminary investigation to determine if there was sufficient evidence to proceed with the appointment of a special counsel. He simply appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel on his own.

Rosenstein apparently made this glaring error intentionally and for obvious reasons: THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE! Had he conducted a preliminary investigation and found no evidence, which would have been the case, as it is now, he would have been required to drop the matter and bound by law to NOT appoint a special counsel.

Why did Sessions allow Rosenstein to do this? He can read the language in this code as easily as I can, as well as the hundreds of staff members he has available to advise on such matters.

What to do now? Sessions must unrecuse himself and end the illegal investigation immediately. Furthermore, he should conduct a preliminary investigation of his own into the steaming pile of criminal corruption we now know as Uranium One. That should take roughly ten minutes before determining that a special counsel is needed to investigate the matter. Then, he should appoint Trey Gowdy as special counsel to go after all the players in this egregious crime against the American people. (Gowdy is my dream investigator in this case. I’m not sure that he could or would accept the position).

H/T Gateway Pundit for the lead