A US Army chaplain is facing court-martial and prison time for doing his job precisely by the book.

Chaplain Scott Squires, serving at Fort Bragg, NC, is under investigation, which was ordered by his Commanding General, Kurt Sonntag, for dereliction of duty for not allowing same-sex couples to attend a religious retreat he was organizing.

Chaplain Squires is forbidden by his faith to include same-sex couples in religious retreats, and the governing Army manual instructs chaplains to remain true to their particular faith.

Either MG Sonntag is not bright enough to check the appropriate regulation before jumping or maybe he isn’t bright enough to delegate the responsibility for checking the appropriate reg to one or several of his many subordinates.

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Either way, Sonntag is wrong, very wrong, and should be called to account.

MG Kurt L. Sonntag, who finds it necessary to force chaplains to violate their religious beliefs to satisfy his perverted view of marriage.