H/T Woody Wood via Andrew Cohen

I am no conspiracy theorist. However, many clues are not adding up in the Parkland, Florida school massacre. Yesterday, I published an article regarding the red flags that are popping up all over the place.

Following are two videos which indicate, if the witnesses are credible, that Nikolas Cruz may not have been the only shooter, and, in fact, may not have been involved in the massacre at all.

In the first video, teacher Stacey Lippel was 20 feet from the killer (or one of the killers) while he was indiscriminately firing his “rifle” down the hallway. She was unable to identify the killer who she reports was in full tactical (metal) “garb” – helmet, face shield, body armor, etc.

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If Lippel’s eyewitness account is accurate and Cruz was the shooter, where is the tactical clothing? Surely, it would have been found by now on the school grounds or nearby. And, where is the shooter’s “rifle?” Has it been found? I have heard nothing about this. The only thing I have heard is that Cruz was casually walking down the street in street clothes and has confessed to the massacre to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, which I trust less than the FBI right now, which I trust less than the Nigerian prince who used to send me so many emails.

And, how about Stoneman Douglas senior Alexa Miednik (video below), who claims she was with Nikolas Cruz during the chaos as they were exiting the school from a part of the building well away from the part of the building where the shooting took place. She spoke with Cruz, and knowing his troubled past, joked, “I’m surprised you weren’t the one who did it,” which shocked him, indicating, perhaps unconsciously,  that she believes Cruz was not involved.

Miednik claims that there was definitely another shooter, and from what she has said, that shooter was not Cruz.

If I were a juror hearing this case, knowing what we know right now, I would not be able to convict Cruz. The ONLY evidence we have so far that the killer was Nikolas Cruz is a purported confession given to a law enforcement organization which lacks all credibility, in my opinion. Barring a confession on the witness stand, I don’t see how he can be convicted based on the evidence to date.

There is much more to learn in this case, but I don’t trust the Broward Sheriff’s Office or the FBI to provide it.