Paul Manafort received a prison sentence of 47 months, a month shy of four years, for tax and bank fraud. And the left is apoplectic, screaming that the sentencing judge, T. S. Ellis, is a Trump-loving toady and Manafort should have received the maximum sentence of 20 to 25 years, which would have been unreasonably harsh considering average sentences for those offenses historically in federal courts.

In 2016, “the average length of a prison sentence for tax fraud was 15 months, or one year and three months.”

“According to the Federal Bank Fraud Statute, the maximum penalty a defendant can receive (for bank fraud) is 30 years and a 1 million dollar fine, with average sentence being 3 to 7 years depending on the specifics of the case.”

Thus, Manafort’s sentence was totally in keeping with precedential sentencing for the same offenses.

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So, why the righteous indignation from the left over what they view as a lenient sentence for Manafort?

I’ll tell you why. Because liberals are partisan scum, trash of the most foul sort. These are the same people who excuse every apparent criminal act by the Clintons, Obama, and all other leftists. Anything short of Paul Manafort being skinned alive on national television is a travesty to these people, all to make it appear that President Trump is somehow himself culpable.