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There is a reason that Powdered Wig Society is dedicated to the restoration of and strict obedience to our Constitution. It is all that prevents America from becoming Venezuela or Cuba. Having sworn an oath to that Constitution, I take it very seriously.

From the beginning of the COVID hysteria, my greatest fear has been the resultant shredding of our Constitution at the state and local levels where the powers that be at those levels were already under the impression that the Constitution doesn’t apply to them, that it is some ancient and impotent document written by a bunch of dead guys to restrict the actions of the federal government, but not state and local governments. They believe that they are somehow exempt from government restrictions guaranteed under our Constitution, and frankly, as long as the federal government allows it, they ARE exempt. State and local totalitarians can confiscate citizens’ property without due process if they want, and if unchallenged by the federal government, whose job it is to enforce our Constitution, they can also line those citizens up and shoot them. Who is going to stop them?

It is this rapid erosion of constitutional protections at the state and local level and the accelerated ride down that slippery slope that is most alarming. The assclowns at those levels are being allowed to do whatever they want. It is frightening, to say the least. I have been the victim of state and local governments selectively enforcing obscure laws to punish those who do not bow before the altar of their authority, especially at the local level. “Pissant oligarchies,” I call them, authoritarian cabals composed of good old boy businessmen and their pals and puppets in local government. I was once bankrupted (lost $500,000) and run out of business by a local government for the heinous crime of allowing five college students to live together. Not kidding! I have many other local government horror tales to share.

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The solution to this banana republic injustice, I believe, is to make it easier for citizens of the United States to sue state and local governments in federal court for violating their civil liberties. Until then, the pissant kakistocracies will do as they please, the Constitution be damned!

Case in point: California, more suitably referred to as “Kafkafornia” (thanks, FRONTPAGE), is in full-on gun confiscation mode, in direct violation of our Second Amendment, not only denying ammunition purchases to residents who are among the 1 in 5 who fail a questionable background check, but then visiting those residents and confiscating all of their firearms, as well. This group consists of law-abiding citizens, even some deputy sheriffs who carry a gun for a living. Sorry, dude, no guns or ammo for you!

But, as alarming as Governor Newsome’s shredding of our Second Amendment is, he is also fielding an army of 20,000 coronavirus “tracers” to hunt down, test, and isolate anyone suspected of ever having been infected by the Chinese virus. That means just about anyone the tracer feels like suspecting! Like the flimsy guidance our federal government has given docs and coroners for declaring the cause of death on death certificates, to wit…. guy gets hit by a bus and suffers massive brain injury and croaks on the operating table; doc discovers that deceased was once in the vicinity of a person whose uncle’s brother-in-law’s accountant was suspected to have once been infected by COVID. BOOM! Cause of death: COVID-19. No test necessary.

Left to their own devices, totalitarian autocrats like Governor Newsome and his rogue Attorney General Becerra will do as they damned well please.

Be advised, you do not have to live in California for this tyranny to creep into your neighborhood. Other state and local governments will be watching as Kafkafornia gets away with this, and they will, then become emboldened to install their own despotic programs.

Scared yet?


“Gun violence is the last thing our communities and children should have to fear during a public health crisis. Background checks can save lives and DOJ’s firearms operations help make that happen. At the California Department of Justice, we’ll keep doing our part to keep firearms out of the hands of violent and dangerous individuals.”

That was California attorney general Xavier Becerra last week, but his announcement failed to cite any example of actual “gun violence.” The former congressman, once on Hillary Clinton’s short list as a running mate, was hailing raids that confiscated firearms from people who had committed no crime.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the state DOJ mounted “a dozen operations to confiscate firearms and ammunition possessed by owners who failed background checks.” This is the background check California requires for all purchases of ammunition. Failing this particular check is not the same as committing a crime.

From last July 1, when the program kicked in, until December, 2019, the state ran 345,000 background checks and rejected a full 62,000 Californians legally entitled to purchase ammunition. The 62,000 included off-duty sheriff’s deputies purchasing shotgun shells to hunt ducks. Database discrepancies meant the 62,000 had somehow “failed” a background check, implying malfeasance. The law-abiding gun owners then became “prohibited persons,” barred from purchasing ammunition and exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Attorney Ari Freilich of the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, told reporters that dangerous people were “committing a serious crime trying to acquire a product designed to take human life,” and that the background check system was working as intended. The outright confiscation of firearms in April, 2020, confirms that this is the case.

Federal judge Roger Benitez ruled that the ammunition law defies common sense and burdens Second Amendment rights, but last month the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals granted Becerra’s request to reinstate the background checks. As Becerra plans further “operations,” Gov. Gavin Newsom is mounting a surge on a different front.

The governor is tapping UCLA and UC San Francisco to train an “army” of “coronavirus detectives” to “test, trace and isolate people who may have been infected.” That includes those who have no symptoms at all, but are still capable of infecting others. By that standard, Newsom’s army could trace and isolate just about anybody, so Californians might wonder about those doing the tracing.

The governor will redeploy state employees with “the right kind of background cultural sensitivity, cultural competency, different language skills, a health mindset.” On the other hand, according to Politico, the first group of tracers, in San Francisco, included city librarians, attorneys and investigators, “many with no health care background.”

As the California Globe has learned, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will not impose penalties for violations of the HIPPA privacy rule for “public health and health oversight activities during the COVID-19 nationwide public health emergency.” How long the “trace force” will be deployed remains something of a mystery.

Unlike President Trump, Gavin Newsom does not take questions from reporters in real time and under emergency powers he functions like an autocrat. When thousands of embattled Californians stream to the state Capitol, they find access blocked by blackshirted CHP staatspolizei in full riot gear. Attorney general Becerra has no problem with it, and Californians might recall his record at protecting communities from violent criminals.

In recent years, the MS-13 gang has imposed a “reign of terror” in Mendota, near Fresno, with at least 14 brutal murders. Federal agents, not the state AG, took the lead in prosecuting the gang, and when federal officials made arrests, Becerra made it clear he was not concerned about the gang members’ “status.” The MS-13 reign of terror, and murders of police officers by criminal illegals, prompted no raids like the ones Becerra is now inflicting on those who fail the rigged background checks.

Meanwhile, according to Politico, Newsom’s 20,000-strong trace force “could serve as a template for the nation and create a whole new sector of public health workers.” It certainly could, as people across the country might think, especially those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic. In reality, all Newsom’s emergency measures could serve as a template for what the nation might look like under any Democrat currently in contention for the White House.

In the best Kafkaesque style, a government Stasi force could be empowered to track and isolate just about anybody, “until we have a vaccine,” or a “cure.”  Illegal aliens, even the criminals among them, would remain a protected and privileged class. As in California, this imported electorate would be supported by American taxpayers.

Law-abiding gun owners, even Sheriff’s deputies, could be blocked from exercising their rights under the Second Amendment, and the First Amendment would also stand at risk. So-called “red flag” laws could empower confiscation of firearms and ammunition from anybody the government doesn’t like.

Disarmament of the people is a prelude to repression, and the targets would be all those deplorables, stricken with various phobias and seeking to get their lives back. The election takes place on November 3. As President Trump says, we’ll have to see what happens.