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I haven’t published an article in over two weeks, which marks the longest idle period in Powdered Wig’s 7-year history. I recall fondly the days not so long ago when I worked 12 to 18 hours a day, seven days a week, writing as many as eight articles a day because I believed I was contributing to something special, the restoration of America. Now, I find myself in a depressing malaise, the likes of which I have never experienced. No doubt, COVID is the cause.

I don’t go out much. I am in my home office just about all day, every day. It is rare for me to leave the house more than three times a week. When I have ventured out lately (with no mask, mind you, because I believe that is stupid and a form of submission I will resist with my last breath) for a trip to the grocery store or Walmart, I am amazed by the number of people I see in masks and gloves. In my neck of the woods in the heart of Texas, I believe the percentage of sheep people I see with those contraptions on their faces is well over 50%, maybe 70%, or more. Those masks represent handcuffs to me. Notwithstanding the cosmetic improvement, when I see a person in public wearing a surgical mask, I see a person in handcuffs. They have bought into the hysteria and are gobbling the slop the mainstream media is feeding them.

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Docs on the front lines of the contagion are blowing the whistle on this charade that is punishing many millions of Americans. One who is especially vocal is Dr. Judy Mikovits, a virologist who worked for Dr. Tony Fauci, the so-called expert member of President Trump’s coronavirus response team. Mikovits was jailed for defying Fauci and the scientific establishment, a swamp unto itself. She has served her time for being a patriot and is now blowing the whistle and naming names, beginning with her old boss, Dr. Tony Fauci.

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I believe Fauci is a fraud, a swamp rat of the first rank, and a career parasite who has spent the past three decades in government. In the following video, Dr. Mikovits, who was jailed for defying Fauci, sees the coronavirus pandemonium for what it is, a leftist- and media-generated hysteria, no doubt engineered to damage President Trump’s reelection effort.

As expected, the anti-American scum that passes for management at YouTube has removed this powerful, poignant, and critically important video. Likewise, Vimeo has removed it. I was able to find the following copy of the video on Facebook using my wife’s account, as Facebook deleted my account, with over 300,000 followers, two years ago. My crime? “Violation of community standards.” Translation: “Being a patriot publisher.” Who knows how long Herr Zuckerberg will allow this video to remain, so please watch it while you can….

That video has also been removed. So, here is another link that I hope you can access. I actually had a little trouble with this link, but the video played fine after I clicked the start button rapidly several times…. Dr. Mikovits