I would not say that I have been skeptical of the child trafficking allegations aimed at former and current members within our government. I admit it is difficult to believe, so let’s say I have been watching developments on that front with an open mind.

And the evidence continues to pour in and pile up. Is it possible that high-ranking members of our government have been involved in such abuse of children? More and more, the evidence clearly suggests it is not only possible, but, at this point, I would say probable, at least.

Jen Moore was a young investigative journalist working on Pizzagate and the pedophile ring within the beltway and beyond that reportedly included many Hollywood elites and high-level government officials, like the Clintons.

Moore had an informant, a 26-year old man, who claimed, and very credibly so according to those who interviewed him, that he was raped by Bill Clinton when he was a young boy. The rape reportedly took place aboard a yacht in New England.

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So credible was Moore’s informant that she took the story to the FBI and DHS before going public with it.

Now, suddenly, inexplicably, mysteriously, Moore is dead. Her body was discovered in late July in her hotel room by employees of a suburban Washington hotel.

From True Pundit

While friends and admirers mourn the loss of investigative journalist Jen Moore — who was found dead in a suburban D.C. hotel room Monday — a haunting final interview has surfaced where Moore details the Clinton case she was working on at the time of her suspicious death.

Moore, an advocate who investigated abused and trafficked children, had been in the process of investigating allegations by a 26-year-old man that — as a young boy — he was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton and pimped out at private sex parties attended by other D.C. elites.

Moore, who was often called “Task Force as a nickname,” was interviewed about the Clinton case on July 13th by YouTube and radio journalist Farmer Jones. One month later, Moore’s she was dead, her body found by employees at the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Washington, D.C. East – in Capitol Heights, Maryland. The investigation is ongoing. Autopsy results were not available on Wednesday.

During the Jones interview Moore expressed dismay and frustration that despite her sharing the details with Homeland Security agents in charge of child trafficking investigations, no one had reached out to her to follow up about the details of the alleged victim. Or the alleged suspect.

Moore died of an apparent seizure. Police said the death was not the result of suicide.

Just four weeks before her death, Moore filed details of the alleged victim’s claims with the Department of Homeland Security, detailing the allegations against Clinton. Moore contacted Homeland Security beginning on July 6th through July 9th, records show. A week later, she contacted the FBI with identical details about the victim and the shocking allegations against Clinton.

FBI sources report no case has been opened on the evidence supplied by Moore. Homeland Security never contacted Moore to follow up after she shared details with the agency.

Perhaps part of Moore’s legacy will be the overt illustration that federal agencies in charge of protecting children often turn a blind eye to investigating abuse. Especially if the alleged perpetrator is an elite political figure. This case, broken down, highlights the impossibility of an alleged victim to pierce the veil of agencies like DHS and the FBI to prompt investigation of abuses for sexual assault.

Moore’s story confirms a recurring and disturbing David vs Goliath scenario where, in essence, Goliath never even has to show up to fight because the federal system is already set up to protect America’s political Goliaths. While the Davids of the world, who muster up the courage to come forward and tell their stories, suffer more at the hands of a lazy and corrupt federal government.

Whether the alleged victim’s testimony is true or not about Clinton, those in charge of getting to the bottom of such a case never even cared to lift a finger. Moore’s death shines a bright light on a rigged system where the victim of sexual assault — or “survivor” as Moore termed abused children — has virtually no chance for legal retribution and redemption.

And now the whistle blower is dead, which points the public’s collective finger back at DHS and FBI. Did these agencies rat out Moore while protecting Clinton? True or not the rampant corruption in both agencies feed such a narrative.

Likewise, even if Moore died of natural causes, the real story here then swaps to why didn’t federal agents follow up with her complaints while she was alive. Moore delivered the alleged victim to federal agents on a silver platter. If foul play is ruled out, federal malfeasance is not.

Moore had approached True Pundit’s Thomas Paine in June with the allegations against Clinton. Paine conducted a series of face-to-face interviews with Moore and the alleged victim in various locales. By July, the victim agreed to tell his story to Paine. But Moore and the traumatized victim wanted to contact Homeland Security and the FBI first to see if they would open a criminal case against Clinton prior to publicizing the claims.

Moore details the meeting with Paine and the victim during her final interview.

Paine and True Pundit were vetting the details provided by the victim. Paine said the allegations were “credible” and the victim’s testimony and details were beyond convincing.

Paine said Moore accepted the risks with the story and understood things could get very ugly very fast. Per conversations with True Pundit’s Paine:

According to interviews, the victim in this case claimed he was sexually assaulted by Clinton on a yacht in New England and knows the identities of several other child victims who were subjected to identical abuses. The victim also confirmed he witnessed other children and people being sexually and physically abused and possibly worse on numerous “boat parties.” These parties were attended by elite members of D.C. political class, according to Moore and the victim.

Both young boys and young girls, the victim said.

Moore supplied these details to federal agents and documented the interactions with a number of alleged victims. Within a month, she is dead.

Video by Moore during her investigation into Pizzagate….