James Woods has been a ton of fun to follow on Twitter over the past year or two. He is a solid patriot with a sharp wit and great sense of humor.

Woods found himself in a bit of a depression today and rightfully¬†so. Most of us have been there, watching the Democrats in Washington run roughshod over the “nice guy” Republicans.

For decades, it seems that whenever there is a major conflict between the two parties, the Democrats prevail. The Republicans bend over the hood and the Democrats drive them home, as the saying goes.

There is a reason for that. The Republicans consider themselves ladies and gentlemen and refuse to lower their engagement to the gutter tactics of the Democrats, who laugh at such labels, willing and eager to use any ploy, regardless of how dirty, to win a point.

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Such has been the history of the beltway dichotomy. We the People elect Republicans who get clobbered by Democrats, leaving We the People stuck with a crappy, gluttonous monster of a federal government, corrupt, voracious, and good at only one thing – restricting individual liberty, the cornerstone of our founding and our Constitution.

Thus, Mr. Woods’ frustration is not unjustified. He took to Twitter today to post a defeatist message that, if I know James Woods, will be a temporary sentiment. The American people need his voice.

The good news is that as wimpy as the Republican Party is, its leader is not! Donald Trump was raised on the tough streets of New York. He has no problem getting in the gutter with the slimeball liberal Democrats, which, frankly, he enjoys and scares the shit out of them.

Not only is President Trump a competent and proven warrior, he also occupies the most powerful position on the planet and he has a majority of the American people behind him with more joining the growing army of MAGA patriots every day.

James Woods unloads….