I remain amazed at the Republicans in Congress and President Trump’s own Department of Justice who are doing NOTHING while the Democrats open new, unwarranted investigations into President Trump, his family, and anyone who was ever within eyesight of any member of the Trump family, desperately searching for what Robert Mueller couldn’t find in two years at a cost to the American taxpayers of over $25 million.

In fact, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerome Nadler vows to interrogate the same witnesses that have already been interrogated by Robert Mueller and ask them the same questions.

So, what can the Republicans and DOJ do about this egregious travesty I call the Trump Inquisition? They can do a lot more than nothing!

Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell mentions briefly in the Tom Fitton Twitter video below (6:15 mark) the tactic I favor. The Republicans in the Senate and DOJ should immediately open massive investigations against Democrats, including Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, and many other high-profile Democrats, especially the Clintons and Obama. It is about time to put the swamp rats in cages where swamp rats belong.

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Will it happen? Considering the noodle-spined Republican leaders in Washington, it is very unlikely. However, it appears to be the only way to stop the demons on the left. To vanquish a brutal enemy, we cannot shy away from equal brutality if it is the surest path to victory, and in this case, saving the Republic. The innocent are being persecuted while criminals are allowed to operate freely.

As for the 80+ people Nadler has demanded documents from, they should all refuse. When Nadler subpoenas them, they should obey and appear before the committee and all the world’s cameras. When asked a question by Nadler or any Democrat on the committee, they should answer by giving them the finger. Every time a Democrat asks a question, the victim of their abuse of power should give their interrogators the finger. That should play well on CNN.

What can Nadler and the Democrats do about that? Nothing!

As was proven during the House’s investigation of HItlery Clinton and attempt to bring her to justice, Congress has no teeth, no power. It cannot prosecute. The most Congress can do is issue a Contempt of Congress, which on the penalty scale is literally well below a parking ticket. Congress can refer criminal charges to DOJ, but given that giving Democrats the finger is no crime, it will rightly be ignored.

So, please, every witness to appear before Nadler and his kangaroo court, I am asking you to answer their questions by flipping them the bird. Flip them the bird while laughing at them. Then, get up and walk out, giving them one last finger before exiting the chamber and the Democrats’ joke of an inquisition.