With all of the evidence available, and I am referring only to public evidence, not the secret stuff that would shock Kim Jong-un, when will Barack Hussein be indicted?

Has there been any other president in American history who would have gotten away with giving the world’s foremost state sponsor of terror $150 billion to kill even more innocent people, including and especially Americans?

No! Hussein’s gift to Iran was a treasonous act, by definition.

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Now that the walls are closing in on the cabal of Deep State villains who participated in the unprecedented conspiracy to destroy a presidential candidate turned President-Elect turned President, revelation after revelation is pointing to Barack Hussein as the Engineer-in-Chief. Call me optimistic but I believe at least one Deep State soldier is going to flip to save his or her own miserable carcass!

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So, add “sedition” to the charges. If these swamp creatures, led by former fake president Barack Hussein, are not brought to justice, then there is no justice in America for any of us. We could all be swallowed by the Deep State and no one would care, least of all those in the so-called Justice Department.

Indict NOW! The evidence is there.

By Alison Nichols, M.Div.

Why you might wonder, is the media on both the right and the left reticent to call it like it is? Barack Obama is the master of the deep state cesspool—Lord of the Swamp. His hands are all over another scandal that is slowly revealing itself. It was Obama who pulled the strings of the intelligence community, his underlings and, his doting media. He has polluted politics in America like no other and has made the rule of law meaningless.

While it is easy to understand the quieted left-wing media, as in their incurious minds, Obama is a Demi-god. For those on the right who know the truth and remain taciturn, one wonders if they keep quiet about Obama for fear of being labeled racist. Or perhaps those on the right are not apt to make assumptions based on the obvious while the left-wing media runs with assumptions based on longing. Is
it any wonder why the left always owns the narrative?

There is nothing uglier than throwing around, with ease, the charge of racism. This super scandal has absolutely nothing to do with race. Obama is a bad guy. Does anyone with an IQ above room temperature believe that Obama, supported by his puppets in the media and the lapdogs in his administration, did not hatch the plot to take down a duly elected President? It defies credulity. He is the author of the anti-Trump spy operation.

The spy operation has evolved like a novel. It is chocked full of leaks, spies, lies, and phony trials. In the first act, the characters reveal themselves to the American people. Taking center stage is Obama, the protagonist whose prime target is Donald Trump. Slowly, painfully slowly, Obama’s obedient little underlings, e.g., the crooked leadership creeps in the intelligence community, the legions of unmaskers from his administration and his pathetic media lapdogs who protect him and his administration are laid bare.

The disturbing development of the plot has been destructive to America. In a nutshell, the scandal began with the accusation that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election. Obama, understanding that his odious policies to transform America would disappear if Trump should win the election, used the media and the intelligence agencies to launch an investigation into Russia collusion—based on zero evidence.

Obama, while still in control over the flow of events, worked first within the system to overthrow the system. His power-sharing agreement with Hillary Clinton, who would protect and build on his legacy if elected, was accomplished through her “private server.” Communication between Obama and Hillary in those forever scrubbed emails would likely reveal the roadmap to sabotage Trump. That remains a dark secret.

Their sinister plan failed miserably; Trump won the election. The next target for the sabotage of Trump was the ludicrous impeachment set-up coupled with smearing his transition team. That plan, which began well before the inauguration, was an evil ruse to prevent the newly elected president from executing his duties as president. Trump and many on his transition team were smeared and compromised with life-altering accusations born out of lies.

The devious plan launched to take out three-star General Flynn, Trump’s choice for National Security Advisor, is perhaps the most disturbing. In his position, Flynn, having access to all classified material, would soon unveil Obama’s plot to take down Donald J. Trump. It was, therefore, of prime importance to ruin him. And, they did.

After years of dividing the country with filthy lies, and phony trials, the disturbing drama is moving slowly into the final chapters; good and evil have a dramatic confrontation. A.G. Barr announced that he has doubts that Obama will ever face criminal charges. But, should we believe that the felony of leaking to the Washington Post reporter took place without a nod from Obama?

Did Obama break the law? He probably did not as he is too cunning. Did he passively or aggressively guide others to break the law? Most likely. And what about the rogue, extremely biased judge in the Flynn case? Was Obama signaling the judge through his conveniently leaked “private phone call” referring to the rule of law? The answer to that question tickles the imagination.

The Obama administration plunged America into the depths of Dante’s Inferno. It is a wonder if the hatred and division in this country, as a result of the dangerously devious Obama administration, will ever subside. While the “Pied Piper of community organizing” will most likely never be criminally charged, unfortunate for his followers, there is not a magic portal in the mountainside into which they can hide. Obama and his minions must be unmasked. So, along with the actors in this sick drama, America waits for answers and justice; the devil is in the details.

Alison Nichols M.Div., psychoanalyst (retired), Yale Divinity School, Blanton Peale Graduate Institute