Finally, the Wicked Witch of Benghazi is going to get her comeuppance! For all of you non-believers, I promise you that this development will bear fruit.

The patriots at Judicial Watch have been granted permission by “a couple of judges” who are “really pissed off” over “transparently false” representations that the State Department and DOJ have made to the courts in an obvious attempt to perpetuate the coverup that they have granted Judicial Watch permission to depose, under oath, State Department officials to get to the bottom of the corruption.

The depositions have taken place, and one individual, in particular, John Hackett, the State Department official in charge of “all the records,” has outed Hillary and her posse of coverup operatives. He has named names and sworn to the massive conspiracy and resulting coverup.

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There are “tens of thousands” of violations involved, punishable by “ten years and $10,000” each for every co-conspirator. This does not include the charges and penalties for corruption and conspiracy, as well as many other crimes like seditious conspiracy and, as I see it, treason, for giving aid to terrorists who potentially accessed the unsecured classified information.

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Hang on, folks, justice is coming!

Following is the excerpted transcript between Sebastian Gorka and Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell which can be seen and heard in the video, below….

Farrell: Great to be with you, Seb. This is big stuff because we have John Hackett who is a former State Department official. He was the guy in charge of what they call the Directorate of Information, Programs, and Services, which is a very governmental way of saying “all the records, all the FOIA-related stuff.” He is the guy who….

Gorka: The Freedom Of Information Applications, all that.

Farrell: Yeah, among others, but in particular FOIA because we had asked, this goes all the way back to Benghazi. We will never let go of Benghazi. That story has not ever really fully been told. But, nonetheless, so, this is the guy at the State Department is responsible for processing all of these records and turning them over. We deposed him, meaning one of our attorneys, actually two of our attorneys, sat down and under oath asked him questions.

Very key! Gorka: Because, you found, let’s just step back, you found a couple of judges who actually care about the truth and are giving you the right or are giving you the permission to depose people.

Farrell: Right. And the State Department and the Justice Department’s behavior and conduct in court has been so outrageous and so transparently false in how they’ve made representations to the judges that they got really pissed off, and they said, “You know what, we’re not going to just do this on paper, you’re going to get government officials under oath and make them swear to it, and you can ask whatever questions you want.”

Gorka: So, you’re not just getting answers to questions and emails. This is human beings being sworn and you get to ask the questions under penalty of perjury.

Farrell: Correct. And, the depositions themselves, the transcripts, we post on our website so everybody can read what went on.

Gorka: So, what have you found so far, Chris Farrell?

Farrell: This is outrageous! Mr. Hackett was interviewed in the deposition, under oath, and he said, “Look, I warned Hillary Clinton, her staff, the Deputy Secretary of State, a cast of characters, I warned them about what they were doing with records.” He acknowledged that they were trying to destroy more than 30,000 emails….

Gorka: Hang on, let’s stop there for a second. So, the State Department was cognizant that Hillary was deleting tens of thousands – they actually knew she was doing that? 

Farrell: They had foreknowledge. They knew that she was….

Gorka: BEFORE she did it!? Under subpoena!

Farrell: Correct. She was running her own server outside the government.

Gorka: In contravention of the information regulations?

Farrell: A million records. Completely unlawful…. this guy (Hackett) was actually trying to do his job. He was trying to be a good civil servant, and he was freaked out by it…. and he repeatedly warned the entire chain of command of what was going on. He was alarmed by their destruction of emails, he knew that there was another attorney involved who was essentially the coverup artist for all of this….

Gorka: So, this is coverup upon coverup?

Farrell: Correct. This is guilty knowledge, foreknowledge, knowledge while it was going on, and then in the aftermath, this, you know, what are we going to do to destroy and cover up and hide. It’s utterly corrupt.

Gorka: Let me ask you, clearly you’ve made the argument that you have standing at Judicial Watch. The judge has given you the right, the permission to depose people under oath. To what end…. what are you going to get at the end? Is somebody going to pay a penalty? This is the question I get asked everywhere I go. Who’s going to pay a penalty, legally?

Farrell: Yeah, our civil discovery process, evidence and documentation that the Attorney General can use to bring a re-look, really, which he should do, a criminal prosecution 18 USC, Section 793, Mishandling National Defense Information. That is a national security crime that I believe, based on my experience, Mrs. Clinton….

Gorka: These are felonies, right?

Farrell: Absolutely. Ten years and $10,000 for each….

Gorka: Is there a statute of limitations on these?

Farrell: There is not.

Gorka: Wow!

Farrell: So, this is all very ripe, very fresh regardless of whatever claims, “Oh, that was back in you know.” No, this is as legitimate today as it ever was.

Farrell goes on to name the State Department attorney responsible for the continuing coverup as Catherine Duval. Clearly, she and Hillary Clinton and many other State Department officials are in very serious trouble and will be referred to Attorney General Barr for criminal prosecution. I have no doubt whatsoever that AG Barr will bring to bear every iota of authority and enforcement on Hitlery and her criminal co-conspirators.