By the hour, the rhetoric is intensifying and becoming stronger in regard to the memo. I hope that the American people are as outraged by the memo as the pundits expect and we finally see justice done and our government truly returned to being “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Fox News’ Stuart Varney interviewed Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz Tuesday morning. Following is a partial transcript of the interview, followed by the video….

Varney: Sir, you have seen this memo. I know you cannot detail what’s in it, but in broad terms, is it a shock, are we going to be shocked when we see it?

Gaetz: I think the American people will be shocked about the contents of this memo, about the processes that were used to engage in surveillance, and fundamentally, I think this is going to lead to major changes at the FBI and Department of Justice. We’ve already seen Andrew McCabe announce his retirement, his early retirement yesterday, and I expect more heads will roll. I also think that there could be criminal consequences as a result of the information we learn. But mostly, I’m eager to get this memo in front of the American people. The Congress has done its job. Now, President Trump has to make the decision to declassify this, and I expect he will in the coming days.

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Varney: The Democrats say that this undermines America’s leading law enforcement agency, the FBI, that it undermines national security, and that it is deliberately designed to sidetrack the Mueller investigation. What say you in response?

Gaetz: Well, it is very clear why Democrats did not want the American people to read this memo, and that will be clear to everyone once it comes out. But I suspect that transparency is going to be the only kryptonite that we’re going to be able to use to deal with the corruption and the intractable bias that seems to have infected the FBI and the Department of Justice, and I would hope that Democrats would be more a little more bipartisan about this. I mean, we all have a stake in the laws and rules and liberties that we hold so dear, and you’d think they’d want to work with us so that never again could a political party use the apparatus of government to weaponize itself against their opponents.

The only outrage that will come from me is if there are no “criminal consequences.” It is not enough to simply drain the swamp. The swamp rats must be put in cages, or it will be worse next time when a group smarter than the current crop of morons tries this.