Arrogant assclown Peter Strzok appears defiant in his testimony before Congress. He truly believes he is Eliot Ness, head of The Untouchables, holy savior of America. This scumbag is as delusional as he his condescending. And condescending aplenty he is!

Answering questions in an “I’m the boss” manner, Strzok apparently thought he would play with Trey Gowdy, twisting his words, citing “context” as an excuse to demonstrate the most egregious bias throughout investigations in which he is sworn to be impartial. He has operated from a “Hate Trump-Love Hillary” position throughout.

Gowdy was having none of it and routinely stood Strzok up and demanded that he answer the question asked, not some other question.

And now Strzok lectures Republican members of Congress in the most righteous and arrogant indignation on their presumption that he is biased, which he denies but which is obvious.

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Obstructionist Democrats did all they could to protect Strzok from Republican questioning, objecting over and over at every opportunity to drag out the circus and keep Strzok from having to answer questions.

The Democrat Party is a treasonous collection of anti-American socialists. With one foot in the grave already, may We the People deliver the party’s tombstone in November.

Strzok took 2 1/2 minutes to deliver a monologue at the end of Gowdy’s questioning, blasting the Republicans. Listen at end of the following video as the Democrats in attendance applaud the career parasite and adulterous creep.

Strzok is aloof, arrogant, condescending, hot-tempered, and indeed, obviously believes that he is untouchable.

Newsflash, Mr. Strzok: YOU AREN’T! May you be the first swamp rat to find that your new home is a cage.

Career parasite Strzok appears to be the type who could fly off the handle at any given moment, which could be a cover for some insecurity or a symptom of his belief that he is indeed untouchable. Either way, it is a vulnerability that the Republicans should exploit.