Joe Biden is considering running for president in 2020, which would be fine spectacle!

Can you imagine a Trump/Biden debate? President Trump would dice Creepy Uncle Joe into small pieces.

Known not for his do-nothing bazillion-year career in Congress or his eight years as Barack Hussein’s wingman, but for his hundreds of gaffes, Biden is sure to entertain any audience who will most certainly not be laughing with him but at him.

Who better to interview Biden on his potential 2020 run than the Reverend Al Sharpton….

The twitter responses were not exactly in Crazy Uncle Joe’s favor….

My favorite Biden gaffe, suggesting women buy a shotgun for protection instead of an AR-15.

Very few women can fire a double-barrel shotgun without being knocked down seriously injured or worse. A shotgun is far more dangerous than an AR-15 as it sends many bullets downrange at once which scatter across a wide area. When you have fired both barrels of a double-barrel shotgun, you are done. While you are reloading, an attacker has lots of time to retaliate. There is very little recoil from an AR-15, which makes it the perfect weapon for women. It can fire multiple rounds, one a time as needed. Joe Biden is a complete moron.

My favorite Biden gaffe set to music….