I wonder how much the Democrats paid this clown to treat MSNBC’s seventeen viewers to his stupidity.

As we all know, MSNBC is highly credible and non-partisan (sarcasm) and only invites onto its network the most respected and non-partisan guests (more sarcasm).

Former federal prosecutor Frank Figliuzzi is calling for the criminal investigation of Representative Devin Nunes if his staff’s Russia memo – which reportedly contains classified intel – is released to the public.

Newsflash, Frank! As soon as President Trump declassifies the memo, which he can do in the time it takes to sign his name, the memo is no longer classified and you then look like a total moron.

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So, Figliuzzi is hanging his bravado on the imbecilic notion that Devin Nunes and President Trump would release classified information to the public without first declassifying it.

No, Frank, they wouldn’t do that, and you know it. When President Trump declassifies the memo, it is no longer classified and perfectly fine to release to the public. The fact that DOJ doesn’t want that to happen, and I have no idea who is speaking to the liberal media for DOJ, but it doesn’t sound like it is Jeff Sessions, is not surprising, considering DOJ is implicated in the memo.

Also, it should be noted that Figliuzzi hasn’t even seen the memo. He has no idea what is in it. He is trusting Democrat reports on the memo? Really? Democrats are fighting tooth and claw to keep the memo from being released as it is very damaging information to Democrats, which reinforces, at high decibel, the mantra, “RELEASE THE MEMO!!!!”

Figliuzzi gave his entire nonsensical schtick away at the end of the video when he declared, “The question now will be whether Nunes will follow existing procedures for a declassification process, which literally would require the President to sign off on declassification (literally, I tell you!) of highly classified information. But, if he doesn’t do that, if he simply recklessly releases it to the media or to the public, that’s when I’m on your show saying, ‘it’s time for a criminal investigation for leaking classified.'”

Translation: “First of all, let me say that I’m a real badass. That Thomas Madison dude with the powdered wig thinks I am a ‘total moron’, but let me just say this…. I ain’t afraid of no Nunes or no Trump. If that Trump guy tries to release classified information without first declassifying it, which he can do by signing his name, that’s when I’m on your show demonstrating my badass skills at whining for an investigation. If President Trump does declassify the memo with his signature, then, of course, there is nothing I can do but pout, which I am perfectly willing to do and equally as good at as pretending to be a badass. So, there!”