While the mainstream media is lost in righteous indignation over First Lady Melania Trump wearing heels as she leaves the White House en route to Texas to view the Hurricane Harvey devastation, Michelle Obama is flitting from one extravagant vacation to the next dressed as Bigfoot in drag.

Spotted recently in elitist hot spot Mallorca, Spain, the former First Lady was found boarding a luxurious yacht wearing a high-slit print skirt that exposed her whatever.

Some say that with a magnifying glass you can clearly see Michelle’s scrotum.

NO! I’m not doing that! I have an enjoyable afternoon of college football planned and I have to sleep tonight.

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From BizPac Review

In an article entitled “Michelle Obama: Yacht Know How I Roll,” TMZ is “jelly as hell” over former First Lady Michelle Obama’s “SICK” Mallorca, Spain yacht cruise to visit an American diplomat and his partner.

After the meeting, “a ball was had by all” on board the same yacht.

According to the writer: “The Obamas knew how to do just about everything right in their time at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. … and they’re slaying again as private citizens. They’ve been just about everywhere, too — Indonesia, Bali, and Tuscany, just to name a few.”

Photos were taken by Splash News and shared in articles with headlines like: “Michelle Obama shows off toned legs in Mallorca” and  “We Never Thought We’d See Michelle Obama in a High-Slit Dress on a Yacht.”


Good for Michelle, of course. Ain’t capitalism great?

But even though Michelle and former President Obama are busy “slaying it” as private citizens, the whole thing does beg a couple of questions.

First of all, does a national disaster on the scale of Hurricane Harvey somewhat compel a former president and his family to at least scale back the extravagance, even a little bit? Considering they have Secret Service protection for life, maybe they could stay home once in a while and give taxpayers a break.

Maybe not. It’s their retirement and they’ve certainly earned it and it’s none of our business, really. But that does lead to the second question, and it’s a doozy.

What about the media? Maybe the Obamas have nothing to do with the media’s coverage of them, but is this the right time for TMZ to be waxing eloquent about how “jelly” they are of the Obama’s luxury road trips?

And God forbid the roles were reversed and this were Melania Trump! Even granting that Melania is a current First Lady and Michelle is a “retired” one, would the media treat Melania the same? Will they be gushing over her luxurious lifestyle eight years from now?

Of course not. Melania Trump couldn’t even catch a break for wearing high heels while leaving the White House to get on a plane bound for the disaster zone even though she changed her shoes on the plane!