H/T Kelly Hall

First of all, I am putting this report out there for your information. Please use your own judgment as to its veracity.

A few days ago I heard about a recent unsuccessful plot to assassinate President Trump. I didn’t have time to research it at the time, and since the report was coming from well-known conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, I put it on the back burner.

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I was reminded of it again today by Powdered Wig reader Kelly Hall and took the time to watch the Infowars video.

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The report comes from Jerome Corsi, who I respect greatly as a very credible investigative journalist, and it is because the report is coming from him that I am publishing it. Were it from anyone else, I wouldn’t.

Apparently, the attempted assassination involved a driver for a press vehicle who had a gun. Military intelligence discovered the plot and with the Secret Service, apprehended the driver, who is reportedly still in custody.

Dr. Corsi was unable to disclose all that he knows about the incident but was able to reveal that President Trump now has a military security detail, in addition to Secret Service and is relying solely on intelligence from the military and NSA. Good idea, considering the faulty intel he has been given by the CIA and FBI, both rife with swamp rats, suggesting that much of the faulty intel has been intentional.

Dr. Corsi also elaborated on the imminent arrests of many swamp rats, including Hitlery, and that they would all be held and tried at Gitmo by a military tribunal since America’s modern justice system is little more than a joke with so many judges and even prosecutors who are partisan Democrat hacks.