For the first time, and I really don’t know why it has taken so long, I feel like I am living in a third-world country like Venezuela or Cuba or Iran, where the state is everything and the people are nothing.

Congressman Jim Jordan obviously feels the same way and said as much during his questioning of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Jim Jordan knows that Peter Strzok wasn’t fired for being anti-Trump, for as Jordan says, if everyone on Mueller’s staff of witch hunters were fired for an anti-Trump bias, “there wouldn’t be anyone left.”

Jordan knows there is a more sinister reason for Strzok’s firing and he aims to find it. He admits that he is pretty sure he knows the reason, it is simply a matter of confirming it, which he needs the reluctant and corrupt FBI’s help with, except they are refusing on the grounds that the information is classified.

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Jordan is quick to point out that there is NOTHING so classified that his committee can be denied access to it. The House Judiciary Committee clearly has a “need to know” in this case.

Strozk is the smoking gun and Jordan knows it. He knows that Strzok was the FBI’s point man with Fusion GPS and he wants to see the application the FBI (Strzok) submitted to the FISA court granting it permission to wiretap and surveil the Trump campaign. He wants to confirm his belief that the FBI actually paid Fusion GPS for the Trump Dossier and wants to read the language used to convince the FISA court to grant permission to wiretap and surveil the Trump team.

We now know that the 35-page lie, fabricated by Fusion GPS, was the document submitted with the FISA application seeking that permission.

Also, recently revealed in the Strzok/Page emails was Strzok’s complete disregard for US law, which he has sworn an oath to uphold. With the blind arrogance of a tin pot dictator, Strzok wrote in one email that he cannot allow the American people to elect Donald Trump as President.

Mueller knew of Strzok’s anti-Trump bias. He obviously feels the same way or he wouldn’t have packed his investigative team with Trump-haters like Strzok.

To make this all the more stunning in its brazen disregard for impartiality is the fact that Jeff Sessions is watching all of this and doing NOTHING! Sessions should have known about all of this long before Congress discovered it. He has the professional investigators on staff to ferret out corrupt bias like this in a few hours. Yet, here we are six months later and the recused Sessions has done NOTHING! Heck, We the People knew about this bias as soon as Mueller began staffing his investigative team with Hillary donors and known Trump-haters. This is what passes for justice in America today.

So, why hasn’t President Trump fired Sessions already and replaced him with a patriot who will fire Mueller and his ridiculously corrupt staff of Trump-haters and start digging into this crime by the FBI, Hillary’s email treason, Holder’s Fast and Furious, and so much more.

Replace Jeff Sessions with Jim Jordan or Trey Gowdy NOW!

If you want to see the fear and guilt of Rosenstein, Mueller, Strzok, and all the other swamp rat pretend cops in the Justice Department, watch Rosenstein’s eyes and facial expressions as he finishes his testimony starting at the 6:20 mark and especially just after the words “we will.” You don’t have to be a body language expert to tell that he is lying and he is TERRIFIED!